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Dr. Maisel is passionately interested in the following question: “How can you successfully parent in this ‘mental disorder’ era when so many of the ordinary features of childhood are transformed into ‘symptoms of mental disorders’?”

In an effort to help provide answers to this question, Dr. Maisel has:

+ Served as editor for parent resources at Mad in America

Video Series

+ With Heather Juergensen, co-produced a series of video interviews with 30 experts from around the world called “Parenting Today

+ Written books on family life like Overcoming Your Difficult Family

+ Interviewed guests in print interviews for his Psychology Today blog “Rethinking Mental Health” 

Guidance for
Mental Health


+ Provided guidance for mental health professionals in his forthcoming Helping Parents of Diagnosed, Distressed and Different Children: A Guide for Professionals (Routledge, 2019) and in other books for professionals like Humane Helping, The Future of Mental Health, and Helping Survivors of Authoritarian Parents, Siblings and Partners

 + Worked as a member of an international panel on diagnostic alternatives, as a California licensed family therapist, and in many other ways in support of the paradigm shift away from mental disorder labeling and toward more humane helping.

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Coming in 2019: A complete program for parents that will help them navigate the current mental health system … and, hopefully, avoid it altogether. To learn more, please subscribe to our newsletter.




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