Creativity Coaching Trainings

Dr. Maisel’s Creativity Coaching Trainings are designed to help you become an effective creativity coach.

They are also excellent for self-coaching purposes to help you become a more effective creator.

If you are a writer, visual artist, performer, or other creative person you will find these trainings of real use to you. They are also valuable for artists, therapists, counselors, life coaches and other professionals who want to add creativity coaching to their services.

Dr. Maisel offers an Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training and an Advanced Creativity Coaching Training.

2024 DATES

February 5, 2024
June 3, 2024
September 16, 2024


Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training (16 weeks)

Advanced Creativity Coaching Training: Coaching Writers, Visual Artists and Performers (16 weeks)

These two trainings can be taken simultaneously



The Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training is a 16-week, email-based training designed to introduce you to creativity coaching and to provide you with the experience of working with clients.

You can take this training wherever you live and no special computer skills are necessary, only the ability to send and receive emails.

The training is designed to ready you to practice as a creativity coach, although further training is advised. The training also has a self-coaching component for individuals who want to explore their own issues and challenges and learn the principles of creativity coaching as they apply to their own creative life.

Many participants do both, using the training to learn about creativity coaching while at the same learning how to make advances in their own creative life.

This training fulfills a core requirement of the Creativity Coaching Association’s online certification program.

Cost: $475

Prerequisites: None

Course Reader: Provided

Time commitment: The average time commitment is 3 – 5 hours a week depending on the number of clients, if any, a participant chooses to coach.

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Below are the 16 lessons that we cover in the introduction to creativity coaching training. There is also a reader with many more lessons; however, these are the 16 lessons that we focus on. To successfully complete the training you need to post 13 lesson responses—that is, three “free passes” for vacations and emergencies are built into the training.

Each week I post a lesson and participants reply to that lesson. Participants see what everyone else is saying on that subject and a lot of the richness of the training, in addition to working with clients (if you choose to work with clients), is seeing what your fellow participants have to say. Then, once participants have posted, I identify an area of interest from each participant’s post that I think is important to comment on and share my thoughts with the group.

Week 1. Offering Support

Week 2. Contemplating Clients’ Goals

Week 3. Brief Creativity Coaching

Week 4. Long-term Creativity Coaching

Week 5. Getting In Your Client’s Shoes

Week 6. Meaningful Creative Projects

Week 7. Dream-Upholding and Reality-Testing

Week 8. Helping Clients Plan

Week 9. Creating in the Middle of Things

Week 10. Helping Clients Make Cognitive Changes

Week 11. Communicating Skillfully

Week 12. Doubts, Fears and Messages from the Past

Week 13. Client Career Issues

Week 14. Building a Creativity Coaching Practice

Week 15. Self-Coaching

Week 16. Maintaining a Creative Life

(Note: the ebook Become a Creativity Coach Now!, which is available on Amazon and at this site, is the reader for this training and is included in the price of the training. You don’t need to purchase it separately unless you want to get a head start on the reading.)

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The Advanced Creativity Coaching Training: Coaching Writers, Visual Artists, and Performers is a 16-week email-based training for coaches and other helping professionals who want to learn how to effectively coach writers, visual artists and performers.

It also serves writers, visual artists and performers who want to resolve their own issues and learn how to coach themselves.

Participants learn the common challenges that writers, visual artists and performers face and how to effectively help clients (and help themselves) meet those challenges.

The training also has a significant practice-building component for coaches who want to build a creativity coaching practice.

The training is email-based and all you need to participate is email. You can be anywhere in the world, in any time zone, as there is no need for you to be anywhere at a certain moment.

This training fulfills a core requirement of the Creativity Coaching Association’s online certification program.

Cost: $475

Prerequisites: None

Course Reader: Provided

Time commitment: The average time commitment is 2 – 4 hours a week.

  or contact Dr. Maisel at if you prefer to pay by check.



The Advanced Creativity Coaching Training works a little differently from the Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training in that each week participants choose a lesson to work on. (In the introductory training everyone works on the same lesson.)

Each week participants are offered two issue lessons from which to choose as well as one practice-building lesson (as practice-building is one focus of the advanced training). In a given week you might choose either to answer an issue lesson or a practice-building lesson.

Two readers are provided: the reader Become A Creativity Coach Now! that is used in the Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training and an Advanced Lesson reader that contains all the lessons for the Advanced Lesson Training.

Each week I choose selected issues that have arisen in participants’ posts to comment on, then I comment on one practice-building issue, and finally I comment on one of the issue lessons.

During the first six weeks of the training we focus on the issues of writers, the second six weeks we focus on the issues of visual artists, and the last four weeks of the training we focus on the issues of performers. If you want to use the training to build your practice you might focus every week on a practice-building lesson; or you can focus more on the issues presented. You have maximum flexibility to make the training suit your needs.

Week 1.

Creativity Coaching Overview

Conceptualizing and Managing Resistance to Writing

Making Time for Practice-Building (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 2.

Picking and Protecting Your Writing Space

Honoring Your Writing Space

Actually Wanting Clients (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 3.

Right Mind

Right Emotions

Conceptualizing Your Niche and Brand (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 4.

The Demands of Culture

Manifesting Existential Intelligence

Developing Pitches (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 5.


Exerting Positive Influence

Creating Your Package of Services (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 6.

The Weight of Individuality

Who’s Who in the World of Publishing

Looking For and Securing Clients (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 7.

Artists’ Identities

Coaching Vignette

Big Impact From Your Efforts (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 8.

Creating Worlds and Rekindling Desire

Coaching Vignettes

Thinking Globally (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 9.

Mindfully Dealing With Circumstances

Subject Matter and Meaning

The Timing of Your Efforts (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 10.

Art-Making as Calling

Increasing Marketplace Capacity

Finding Partners (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 11.

Visual Artists in Society

Art Marketplace Relationships

Classes, Workshops and Books (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 12.

Overcoming Resistance to Marketplace Relating

Instituting a Creativity Practice

Speaking in the World (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 13.

Identifying as a Performer

Turning Ordinary Situations Into Performances

Your Website Store (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 14.

Types of Performances

Performers and Criticism

Ebooks and Other Products (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 15.

Handling Performance Anxiety I

Handling Performance Anxiety II

Building a File of Queries and Responses (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

Week 16.

Performers’ Relationships

Careers in the Arts

Planning for the Future (or another practice-building lesson of your choosing)

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Q. Do you certify creativity coaches?

A. No. The Creativity Coaching Association handles creativity coach certification. Their requirements include my two trainings and also additional requirements. My trainings are required for creativity coaching certification but I do not personally certify creativity coaches.

Q. Do you provide clients for us to work with?

A. No. Coaches who want to work with clients need to recruit their own clients. Participants can work with their clients for free or for a fee, depending on their particular circumstances. Experienced coaches might recruit fee-paying clients; new coaches and most coaches-in-training typically work with their clients for free. Most coaches typically work with two or three clients during the course of the training, though some work with fewer, some work with more, and some use the training for self-coaching purposes and do not work with any clients. Information is provided at the beginning of the training about recruiting clients and participants typically find it easy to recruit clients to work with during the training.

Q. Are we required to meet at a particular time each week?

A. No. The training is designed to meet the needs of busy people and the needs of people in time zones around the world. There is no teleconference component or other time-sensitive demands. Participants post lessons, read each other’s lesson responses and my lesson responses, and interact with other participants, with me, and with their clients on their own schedule.

Q. Do many people take the trainings simultaneously?

A. Yes, a significant number of participants take both trainings at the same time, complete them successfully, and find that a rich experience.

Q. What if I fall behind? Can I complete the training after the training officially ends?

A. Yes. To successfully complete the training you need to post 13 lesson responses (that is, post in 13 of the 16 weeks), meaning that three “free passes” for vacations and emergencies are built in. You can also submit outstanding lessons that are needed to get to the required 13 at any time after the training ends; there is no deadline or cut-off date for submission of lessons.


“Eric Maisel is an inspired coach and teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and shares his knowledge generously in a focused and practical way. I’ve just completed another training with him and as always, I am amazed not only at how much I’ve learned for use with my own clients and students, but how expansive my own writing and creative process have become!”Susan Borkin

“I have learned more by participating in this advanced training than I have in many of my graduate classes. Eric Maisel is supportive and insightful, and the training provides material and exercises that are both practical and thought-provoking. I was able to learn and communicate by email with so many interesting and supportive people who broadened my perspective on creativity and what it means to live a creative life. I highly recommend the training to all artists and those interested in creativity coaching as a profession.”Mandi Batolo

“The many things I learned in the advanced training were immediately useful to me both as a writer and a writing coach. As a writer, I finally faced and got over my most hardened resistances. For the first time in my life I’m writing on a regular basis. Also, I put many of Eric’s coaching insights to immediate use in my coaching practice, helping each of my clients significantly.”David Storer

“This online creativity course has already been an adventure and it’s only been two weeks! I’ve learned so much about myself, about creativity, and about how I can help unblock it in myself and in others. As a coach, I feel like I have a safety net around me — if I make a mistake with a client, I have the support of other coaches-in-training, plus the support of a guiding expert (Eric) to witness it all. I still haven’t decided if I want to do creativity coaching for life, but I’m beginning to increase my confidence through this course that I can help others unleash their creativity.”Sylvia L.

“Learning Creativity Coaching from Eric Maisel has been an eye-opener for me. I discovered how satisfying it is to support people as they pursue creative goals. Also, I learned that coaching by e-mail is much more effective than I had imagined. The e-mail teaching format works very well. Maisel generously shares what he’s learned from his extensive experience coaching artists. The support from fellow students, as well as Maisel, has been heart-warming and inspires confidence. The opportunity to work with real clients throughout the training period is invaluable. Without it, I might never have discovered how rewarding it is to do this work. With the help of this class, I’ve found what I’ve been searching for.” — Jan P.

“The advanced training was rich in practical gifts, full of hands-on learning, creative assignments and great insights. Eric has a great way of making it all challenging and interesting. Working with clients as the weeks progressed and using what was appropriate or interesting for them made a great learning circle for everyone. This was a fabulous opportunity for me to enhance my coaching skills and learn practical new tips for my clients. I learned so much more about coaching and, as a bonus, about my own creative process. The training was rewarding as all of Eric’s training programs have been. Thank you, Eric!” — Pamela Yates

“The two trainings I’ve taken on-line with Eric have both been extremely worthwhile experiences for me in terms of working with clients and also in terms of being a better coach to myself.  The advanced training was particularly valuable for me on a personal level as I have had difficulties restarting my mixed media artwork. Taking the course put things into a clear perspective and helped me make that final push to get back to my own ideas. I completed several projects during the course of the 16 weeks, but the one that was the most significant to me was starting back on a large piece I had abandoned a couple years ago. Eric loves what he is doing and is an extremely generous instructor and I look forward to taking more of his courses in the future.” — Jill Jones

“What more can I say than that after 16 weeks of participating in the advanced training I am really sorry to see it end. As a writer with a day job and other serious duties competing for my time, having the structure of this on-line communication with Eric and the many other writers with similar issues has been invaluable. From the personal to the public, we’ve looked at a full spectrum of the struggles we face as people driven to create. Just engaging in this process has been comforting for me, and cognitively I’ve learned skills and gained information that I didn’t have before. Eric has a unique understanding of what makes creative people tick (or not), and coupling this with a practical knowledge of the creative world, both inner and outer, he provided an enjoyable and useful learning experience.” — Denise Beck-Clark

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the advanced course that I just completed. I feel like I got what I most hoped for, which is a huge increase in my artistic output. The assignments you sent out, along with your comments helped me to be much more ambitious about what I might achieve with my artwork. I worked through a number of internal excuses for not doing my art, and I was comforted by the fact that I shared so many of the same struggles with the other members of our group. The online format worked very well. I have been a great fan of your writings on the subject of creativity for a number of years, so my expectations for the class were high. The new ways I’ve been applying my creativity in the past few months are a clear validation of the effectiveness of your method. And my creative boost has not been limited to my art making. I have a lot of new ideas for the courses I teach, and I have experienced an explosion of ideas in both products and marketing ideas for my product design business. I have encouraged a number of friends to take one of your courses, and I believe that doing so would be an efficient way for anyone to give their creative output a lift.” — Michael Kieley

“Last week I completed your advanced training and I want you to know how valuable the sixteen weeks have been for me. The course was helpful on two fronts. Firstly, even though I have a 20-year-long writing career and have published several books, I still struggle. I finally began to understand this existential process as your extraordinary psychological insights unfolded each week. Your replies to each participant’s assignment responses were exceedingly enlightening and, quite miraculously, every individual reply resonated among ALL participants. Perhaps the best lesson of all has been the privilege of watching you ‘walk your talk’ through your generosity of spirit, commitment to process, and exemplary model as a creative. Thank you for helping me to transform, so deeply and permanently, my relationship with my writing.” — Cathleen Rountree

“After reading about Eric and his efforts to begin a new Creativity Coaching discipline, I attended a speech he gave to the Romance Writers of America in Emeryville, California. I was intrigued by what he had to say and also excited to find a discipline totally devoted to helping the creative-minded. I signed up for the Creativity Coaching Course, a sixteen-week introduction to creativity coaching. Being a writer myself, I then signed on for his Advanced Training. Both experiences have been worthwhile. Eric provided a structure for thinking about creativity and the tools I needed to communicate with clients and to help them find their way to living the creative lives they want. I am so glad my friend invited me to Eric’s inspirational talk. Otherwise, I might not have discovered this great new career.” — Barbara Millman Cole


Intro Training 

Advanced Training 

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