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A Year of Coaching

We have two stores for your shopping pleasure! Please scroll down to see both. Please complete your purchase at one store before making a purchase at the other.

+ You’ll find creativity coaching trainings, worldwide deep writing workshops, and other goodies in store 1 (Eric Maisel).

+ You’ll find our Mastering the One-Person Business program, self-study weekend workshops, the way to donate to kirism, and other goodies in store 2 (Eric Maisel Solutions).

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Store One

Eric Maisel

Individual Coaching
A Year of Coaching
Creativity Coach Self-Study Program
Nonfiction Book Coaching
Coach Mentoring Intensive

Wellness Journals

90 Days of Beauty
90 Days of Creating
90 Days of Daily Practice
90 Days of Discipline and Devotion
90 Days of Hope
90 Days of Inner Peace
90 Days of Meaning and Purpose
90 Days of Nature
Wellness Bundle

Store Two

Eric Maisel Solutions

Mastering Creative Anxiety
Mastering the Art of Daily Writing
Creating a Sustainable Coaching Business
50 Ways that Creativity Coaches Serve
The Art of Creativity Coaching
Writing Your Book from Beginning to End
Why Smart People Hurt - Webinar
Asking for What You Want
The Book Proposal - Everything You Need to Know
Top Challenges of the Visual Artist
Redesign Your Mind for Creatives
Mastering Course Creation
Get Your Creative Work Done
Top Challenges of Musicians & Performers
Coaching Step-by-Step
Write Mind
Coaching the Life Purposes Way
Creativity & Addiction
Your Three Personalities
How to Make Meaning
Webinar Bundle
The Great Creativity Toolkit

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