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I love to work with individual clients. The format is super-simple. You pay for a coaching session. I send you some questions to answer via email. Your answers to those questions help me understand where you’re at right now. Then we schedule a chat and chat for 45 minutes via Zoom or phone.

The cost for this 45-minute session is $175

You can also purchase a package of 4 monthly 45-minute sessions at a cost of $500. This is a savings of $200.

You can also sign up for a year of coaching, which guarantees you a coaching slot for a full year. The cost for that is $1500, a savings of $600 over 12 single session prices. 

If you want to try out the coaching, purchase a single session. Then, if you’d like to continue, purchase the package for four more monthly sessions. Or purchase the package right now and save on your first session. Or grab the year of coaching and get your space reserved.

If you prefer to pay by check, please contact Dr. Maisel at

The fine print

+ I offer creativity coaching, life coaching, and existential wellness coaching. You don’t need to choose which coaching you want, as coaching is typically a blend of all three. We’ll figure out the exact contours together. When you sign up for the coaching, I’ll send you a few questions to answer whose answers will help us clarify our focus.  

+ Sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone and last 45 minutes.

+ Sessions are conducted monthly. That is, if we work in an ongoing way, we would meet once a month.

+ If you purchase a package of four, you can space out the sessions as you like. They don’t have to be used in consecutive months. But they do have to be used within a one-year time frame.

+ If you purchase a year of coaching, sessions must be used in consecutive months. That is, missed months count against the total.

See you soon!

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Single Session $175, Package of 4 monthly sessions $500, Year of Coaching $1500