Nonfiction Book Coaching

Nonfiction Book Coaching

I love nonfiction (oh, and fiction too). 

I’ve had 50+ nonfiction books published with publishers like Penguin Random House, Tarcher, New World Library, Rodale, Conari, Shambhala, Harper San Francisco, Routledge, Writer’s Digest Books, and McGraw-Hill. I’ve done more than a dozen books with New World Library alone and more than half-a-dozen with Routledge. 

I also edit volumes of contributed chapters and currently serve as lead editor for the Ethics International Press Critical Psychology Series, a multi-volume, multi-year project presenting the best thinkers in the areas of critical psychology and critical psychiatry. 

I also know something about nonfiction book proposals, the sales tool of the nonfiction writer, having written the book The Art of the Book Proposal (Tarcher/Perigee), sold tons of books based on book proposals, and helped countless authors craft their book proposals and sell their nonfiction books via book proposals.

I’d love to help you.

Let’s work together for three months. (You can sign up again after that, if you like.) Our objectives? To make sure that you understand your nonfiction book, that you are working on it regularly, that you are thinking about (and maybe building) your nonfiction book proposal, that you are thinking about (and maybe building) your platform, and that, in short, you are doing exactly what you need to be doing to move forward with your book, your book proposal, and your positioning as a nonfiction writer.

If you mean to self-publish, this will help you, too. And if you’re not sure which direction you’re heading, traditional publishing or self-publishing, we’ll endeavor to get that sorted out. 

What we’ll do:

+ We’ll have three Zoom calls, one a month.

+ We’ll do a lot of chatting via email.

+ You’ll send me some weekly writing (500 – 1000 words), either from your book or from your book proposal, to help you with accountability, so that these three months get used well, and so that I can provide you with some useful guidance and feedback.

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Praise for  Nonfiction Book Coaching

“Without Eric Maisel’s guidance, I would never have successfully negotiated the publishing process. With his help, I completed a substantial proposal, landed a good agent, and just signed my first book contract. His coaching has been specific, upbeat, and has kept me on track.”— Nancy PineEducating Young Giants and One in a Billion

“I’ve coached thousands of clients, from high school students to business executives to Pulitzer Prize, Tony, and Academy Award winners. I’ve worked with some of the world’s best opera singers. I’ve written the book on mastering test anxiety. So where do I turn when I need coaching? To Eric Maisel. He is the best!”— Ben Bernstein, aka Dr. B, The Performance Coach


What I can’t provide:

+ Insider information about who wants what in the publishing marketplace, marketplace trends, and other up-to-the-moment information. It would be lovely if I knew the sorts of things that a plugged-in literary agent knows, but I don’t. Nor do I know the merits of one publisher versus another publisher, one literary agent versus another literary agent, etc. Not my areas of expertise <smile>. 

+ Nor can I provide any guarantees of publication. Ah, but of course you know that. What I am here to help you with are the following: that you understand your book; that you are writing your book; that you are writing a strong book; and that you have a decent understanding of how to shop your book or your book proposal when you are ready for that.

We can start together at any time and work together for three productive months (and longer, if you like). My fee for the three-month period is $1000. This price includes three Zoom calls, regular email exchanges, and my weekly reading and commenting on the writing you send me. No doubt we will get a lot done!

If you’d like to get started, just go ahead and pay – and off we will go.

Oh, and yes, this includes memoir!

Best, Eric     

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