Creativity Coach Self-Study Program


A world-class collaboration between Eric Maisel and Noble Manhattan, the world’s leading life and corporate training company

Work at your own pace and receive an internationally-recognized certificate or diploma

Created by Dr. Eric Maisel, the world’s leading creativity coach, the Creativity Coach Certificate and Diploma Self-Study Program is designed to train you to become an independent creativity coach, to connect you to the world-class resources of Noble-Manhattan Coaching, and to provide you upon completion with a recognized and respected certificate or diploma that serves as proof that you have successfully completed a rigorous, experiential course of study and reflection.


Q. Who should take this program?

A. If you’re looking for a revenue stream or an income with heart, creativity coaching is a great path. This program is perfect for therapists who want to add coaching to their repertoire, creative and performing artists who want to increase their income doing something they can love, coaches looking for a fertile niche, and anyone looking to begin the great adventure that is coaching.

If you’re a creative in any disciple—a writer, visual artist, inventor, game creator, app developer, musician—you will gain a much better understanding of how to meet your creative and life challenges and you will dramatically increase your creative output and productivity. This program is for you, too!

Q. How long do I have to complete the program?

A. The program is self-paced and allows you to work at your own pace. You can move as quickly through the program as you like and you have eighteen months to complete the program. 

Q. What if I’m already certified by the Creativity Coaching Association? Should I do this also?

A. If you’re already certified by the CCA, congratulations on making that effort! I think that you may still find a great deal of value in taking the new program, as it will provide you with new learning, connect you to the Noble Manhattan family of resources, and earn you a world-class certificate or diploma. I think it’s a great choice! 

Q. If I’m doing this program, should I also take your introduction to creativity coaching training and your advanced creativity coaching training?

A. If you’d like to connect with me personally, absolutely! I run those trainings myself, without handing anything off to assistants, and I am available throughout the trainings to answer questions, cheerlead, and help you get the most out of the experience. Taking both my trainings and the self-study program is a win-win proposition!

Self Study Program

Q. If I can only do one or the other, your trainings or the new program, which would you recommend?

A. That is a little like asking which of my children I prefer <smile>. But on balance, if I had to choose one, it would be the new program, because getting a Noble Manhattan certificate or diploma is super valuable and something you really ought to have!   

Q. What if I’ve already taken your trainings? Should I do the new program?

I think that, because the new program is valuable in its own right and gets you a world-class certificate or diploma and all the resources of Noble Manhattan, it is absolutely worth taking. You’ll learn more, grow, and better position yourself in the marketplace. So, yes, absolutely!   

Q. If I’ve already taken your trainings, can I get a discount on the new program?

Yes! Please be in touch with Vali Cojocaru at for details.

Q. And what if the program doesn’t quite work for me? 

A. No problem! There is a full refund available for seven days after purchase. Plenty of time to see if it is just right for you! 

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