A Year of Coaching

Come join me for a year of rich, focused, goal-oriented coaching. These can be any goals: losing weight, getting your novel written, upgrading your personality, building your business, etc. We’ll get your goals set at the beginning of the year and monitor them throughout the year. Please come join me.

A year is a very long time and there will be lots of ups and downs, because of world events, personal events, and the natural ups and downs of mood, energy, and motivation. The coaching will help with all of that! 

We’ll have a monthly 45-minute individual Zoom call and do a lot of our work around goal-setting and goal-monitoring via email. This combination of email-work and Zoom work will provide you with an excellent level of support as you deal with the ups and downs of the new year.

This will be rich and important work.


Price: $500/four months, $1500 for the year
You can start at the beginning of January, May, or September or you can start at any time. Write Dr. Maisel at ericmaisel@hotmail.com for scheduling details.
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