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Workshops presented by creativity coaches, 2021 – 2022

Each workshop costs $20. Please be in touch with the individual coaches for more information and to sign up.

Friday, September 17, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

LA Bourgeois

Everything You Need to Know About Your Newsletter

Integrate a newsletter into your current marketing efforts! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a newsletter, what to write about, how to build a list, and how to create an enticing reward for those who sign up.

Please be in touch with LA at for details and to sign up.


Saturday, October 2, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Ron Wheatley

How to Create a Successful Website!

Is your website letting you down? Give me an hour and I’ll help you identify your website’s unique priorities and provide you with a simple set of techniques to reorganize content so your message sings. Whether you’re a coach launching something new, or looking to refresh the tried and true, this fun productive hour will help you make sense of the messy work of online messaging and I’ll include my favorite tips for platform building.

Please be in touch with Ron at for details and to sign up.


Saturday, October 16, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Alia Thabit

How to Write a Great Blog Post!

This 90-minute live Zoom class walks participants through the process of writing short (500+ words), well-organized articles, suitable for a blog, newsletter, even a sales page–with ease. Discover the pleasure of writing what you want to say–without the misery!

Please be in touch with Alia at for more additional details.


Saturday, October 30, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Shannon Borg

The 4 Hats of the Artist in Business

Learn the four key roles that every entrepreneur—artist or coach—must master and how mastering them helps you get past procrastination and find the energy and focus you need to let your work flow. Learn how to set up your creative business so you can work with joy and purpose, not anxiety.

Please be in touch with Shannon at for further details


Saturday, November 13, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Tony Angelini

How to Be a Podcaster—and a Great Podcast Guest!

Create an interesting and compelling podcast, whether you’re hosting it, or just want to learn to be a better guest. Tips to introduce your audience to ideas, and disseminate information in a friendly and conversational way.

Please be in touch with Tony at for details 

and to sign up.


Saturday, November 27, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Beth Barany

The Case Study Blog Post: What It Is and How It Attracts the Right Audience

A case study is a story used to illustrate a client’s success. Such a story can be a powerful way to attract your right audience. When you share a client’s challenge, how you helped them resolve it, and what their result was, you can attract people who see their problems and themselves in your story. Learn how to do this in this Case Study Blog Post workshop!

Please be in touch with Beth at for details and to sign up.


Saturday, December 11, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Nick Lazaris

Your Personal Best Mindset

If you are ready to take your coaching business, creativity and life to new levels of achievement, then join me in my upcoming webinar training, Your Personal Best Mindset. Learn to develop and apply specific principles and skills used by successful business people, world class athletes and performing artists at the top of their game in order to take charge of yourself and achieve optimal performance and success.

Click here to learn more & register:

Please be in touch with Nick at for further details.


Saturday, January 8, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern

Sasha Boyle

Astrology for Creatives 

Learn three important Astro-Tips for supporting your coaching business in 2022. These three are: 1) topics in the collective unconscious: tailor your offerings based on the astrology of 2022; 2) best launch dates for 2022 according to the stars; and 3) brief overview of the planetary archetypes of the 7 stages of the creativity cycle, which will help you understand your process better. 

Please be in touch with Sasha at for details and to sign up.


Saturday, January 22, 11 am pacific/2 pm eastern 

Steevie Jane Parks

Design a Coaching Practice that Nurtures Your Creative Career

We will be practicing three simple steps that will enable you to design a coaching practice that continually nurtures and financially supports the development of your success as an artist, actor, writer or musician. By the end of end of this two hour workshop, participants will feel significantly more empowered to achieve a dynamic work schedule that nourishes them both financially, and spiritually at the same time.  

Please be in touch with Steevie Jane at for details and to sign up.


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