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New Options for Parents of “Diagnosed” Children


Childhood Made Crazy is a series for parents, teachers, mental health professionals, and the millions concerned about the fate of our children in an era of phantom “mental disorder” diagnosing and wanton chemical dispensing.

The series runs live during the months of December 2016 and January 2017 on Dr. Eric Maisel’s Psychology Today “Rethinking Mental Health” blog and will remain archived and freely available thereafter.

Below is the complete list of posts. As posts appear they will become live links to Dr. Maisel’s Psychology Today blog.

Further down the page you’ll find a live link list of 115 interviews that Dr. Maisel conducted with practitioners from around the world for his “Future of Mental Health” blog series. We invite you to enjoy those as well.

To contact Dr. Maisel about this series or to invite him to speak or to be interviewed, please email him at ericmaisel@hotmail.com.

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Monday, Dec 19, 2016. Childhood Made Crazy: Introducing the Interview Series

Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016. Does Psychiatry Actually Diagnose?: An Interview with Sami Timimi

Wednesday, Dec 21, 2016. Parents Beware—Danger Ahead: An Interview with Bonnie Burstow

Thursday, Dec 22, 2016. A Way Through Madness: An Interview with Rossa Forbes

Friday, Dec 23, 2016. The Silenced Child: An Interview with Claudia Gold

Saturday, Dec 24, 2016. Alternative Children’s Mental Health: An Interview with Dan Stradford

Sunday, Dec 25, 2016. Excellence in Mental Health Care: An Interview with Gina Nikkel

Monday, Dec 26, 2016. Voices of Hope for Mental Illness: An Interview with Jackie Goldstein

Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016. Support Groups for Parents: An Interview with James Maddux

Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016. They Say You’re Crazy: An Interview with Paula Caplan

Thursday, Dec 29, 2016. Life Coaching and Children’s Issues: An Interview with Rosie Kuhn

Friday, Dec 30, 2016. How to Think About Psychiatric Diagnosis: An Interview with Steevie Parks

Saturday, Dec 31, 2016. Where is the Actual Science?: An Interview with Yana Jacobs

Sunday, Jan 1, 2017. Why Parents Should Ask Questions: An Interview with Tim Carey

Monday, Jan 2, 2017. Diagnoses as Descriptions of Behavior: An Interview with Craig Wiener

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017. Partners in Resilience: An Interview with Henry Emmons

Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017. For Parents of Creative Children: An Interview with Judith Schlesinger

Thursday, Jan 5, 2017. Cure Your Child With Food: An Interview with Kelly Dorfman

Friday, Jan 6, 2017. ADHD as Fictitious Disease: An Interview with Robert Berezin

Saturday, Jan 7, 2017. Mentoring Kids in Distress: An Interview with Sande Roberts

Sunday, Jan 8, 2017. Her Lost Year: An Interview with Tabita Green

Monday, Jan 9, 2017. Three Parents Speak: Interviews with Wendy Shackley, Laurie Goldstein and Suzanne Beachy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017. How Parents Can Help Their Children Without Psychiatric Meds: An Interview with Michal Cornwall

Wednesday, January 11, 2017. How Can Parents Help?: An Interview with Gail Hornstein


The Future of Mental Health Interview Series

Interviews with 100+ Innovators, Game-Changers, and Alternative Helpers

These interviews appear on Dr. Maisel’s Psychology Today blog “Rethinking Mental Health” from mid-January, 2016 through the end of April, 2016 and complement Dr. Maisel’s new book The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm, which you can access here.

To access the post that introduces the series, please visit here.

If you have an RSS reader installed on your computer and would like to follow the series using RSS click here. If you don’t have an RSS reader you can still read the interviews here and the Sunday newsletter will include fresh links each week so you can follow along.

To access the latest interview, please visit here.

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1/18. Bonnie Burstow on Feminist Psychotherapy and the Power of Language
1/19. Dan Stradford on Safe Harbor and Alternative Mental Health
1/20. Nicole Gibson on Australia’s Rogue and Rouge Foundation
1/21. Peter Beresford on Shaping Our Lives
1/22. Paula Caplan on Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis
1/23. Lee Jampolsky on Inspirational Psychology
1/24. Jackie Goldstein on Communities of Care
1/25. Henry Shukman on Buddhism and Healing
1/26. Sharna Olfman on the Science and Pseudoscience of Children’s Mental Health
1/27. Tim Carey on Parenting Skills and Family Mental Health
1/28. Monica Cassani on Beyond Meds: Everything Matters
1/29. Michael Cornwall on Being Present to “madness”
1/30. Lucy Johnstone on Critical Psychiatry and Psychological Formulation
1/31. James Maddux on Positive Clinical Psychology
2/1. Isabel Clarke on Psychosis and Spiritual Experiences
2/2. Robert Whitaker on Mad in America
2/3. Susan Raeburn on Group Psychotherapy
2/4. Robert Salvit on Kabbalah and Spiritual Healing
2/5. Gayle Flanigan on Rose Hill Center
2/6. Robert Stolorow on Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Emotional Trauma
2/7. Claudia Gold on The Silenced Child
2/8. Bill D. on Alcoholics Anonymous
2/9. Jackee Holder on Life Coaching, Self-Coaching and Emotional Health
2/10. Rorie Hutter on Innisfree Village
2/11. Lori Sylvester on Residential Treatment for Adolescent Girls
2/12. Joanna Moncrieff on The Myth of the Chemical Cure
2/13. Rosie Kuhn on Transformational Coaching
2/14. Alex Lickerman on The Undefeated Mind
2/15. Anna Yusim on Humanistic Psychiatry
2/16. David Barash on Evolutionary Biology and Mental Health
2/17. Sam Thompson on the Diagnosis Debate
2/18. Eleanor Longden on Recovery-Oriented Approaches
2/19. Robert Berezin on the Psychotherapy of Character
2/20. Krista MacKinnon on Families Healing Together
2/21. Gail McMeekin on Coaching, Empowerment, and Success
2/22. Rob Levit on Mentoring and Creating Communities
2/23. Jane Linsley on Gould Farm
2/24. Yana Jacobs on The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
2/25. Nessie Shaw on Life Purpose, Meaning and Mental Health
2/26. Sara Tai on Inner City Mental Health
2/27. Russell Razzaque on Psychiatry and Mindfulness
2/28. Oryx Cohen on the Film “Healing Voices”
2/29. Richard Bentall on Childhood Trauma
3/1. Lois Holzman on Social Therapy
3/2. Peter Kinderman on the British Psychological Society
3/3. Marilyn Wedge on Reclaiming Childhood
3/4. Jed Diamond on Individual Psychotherapy
3/5. Ruth Folit on Healing Through Journaling
3/6. Shawn Rubin on Gender Diversity Issues
3/7. Mary Olson on Dialogic Practice and the Open Dialogue Method
3/8. Gary Greenberg on Manufacturing Depression
3/9. Brent Robbins on Children on Antipsychotics
3/10. Jon Jureidini on Critical and Ethical Mental Health
3/11. Laurie Reid on Child-to-Parent Violence
3/12. Gregg Levoy on Meaningful Work
3/13. Lauren Tenney on Mad Activism
3/14. Carina Hakansson on the Extended Therapy Room Foundation
3/15. Pavel Katchalov on Russian Mental Health Services
3/16. Jonathan Raskin on Constructivism and Ethical Meaning-Making
3/17. Charlie Heriot-Maitland on Compassion and Psychosis
3/18. Dale McGowan on Rational Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing
3/19. Eva Weaver on ‘Back to Sex’
3/20. Mark Ragins on MHA Village
3/21. Laura Delano on Psychiatric Liberation
3/22. Martin Whitely on ADHD
3/23. Lois DeVries on the Transformational Power of Gardening
3/24. Carl Elliott on the Dark Side of Medicine
3/25. Joanne Cacciatore on Bereavement Work and Traumatic Loss
3/26. Dennis Embry on the Children’s Mental Health Network
3/27. Melanie Greenberg on the Stress-Proof Brain
3/28. Hugh Polk on Psychiatry and Social Therapy
3/29. Leslie Becker-Phelps on Self-Compassion and Love Insecurity
3/30. Harris Friedman on Transpersonal Psychology
3/31. Patrick Landman on French Psychiatry and Stop DSM France
4/1. Sami Timimi on ADHD, Autism and Children’s Mental Health
4/2. Chene Walz on Counseling and Coaching Art Students at SCAD
4/3. Phil Borges on the Documentary Film CRAZYWISE
4/4. Gerald Klickstein on Music Performance Anxiety
4/5. Rosemary O’Connor on Women in Recovery
4/6. Mark Furlong on Thresholds and Communities of Care
4/7. Robert Folz on Adolescent Residential Treatment
4/8. Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress
4/9. Dabney Alix on Shamanism, Spirituality and Mental Health
4/10. Laysha Ostrow on Live & Learn Inc.
4/11. Ken Paul Rosenthal on Mental Health Advocacy Through Film
4/12. Olga Runciman on the Danish Hearing Voice Network
4/13. Christine LaCerva on Environments for Emotional Development
4/14. Richard Hallam on Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy
4/15. James Davies on the Harmfulness of Psychiatry
4/16. Gail Hornstein on First-Person Narratives of Madness
4/17. Shery Mead on Intentional Peer Support
4/18. Peter Breggin on the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Complex
4/19. Rachel Cooper on Classifying Madness and Diagnosing the DSM
4/20. David Webb on Activist Websites and Social Media
4/21. Catherine Lucas on the Spiritual Crisis Network
4/22. Amy Smith on Psychiatric Activism, Rat Parks and Healing Art
4/23. Judith Schlesinger on Creative Genius and the Insanity Hoax
4/24. David Walker on Indigenous Peoples and Western Mental Health
4/25. Michael Gilbert on It’s About Childhood and Family, Inc.
4/26. Becca Atkins on Artreach Inc. and Shedding Diagnostic Labels
4/27. Jennifer Maria Padron on Peer Support and Peer Services
4/28. Sascha DuBrul on Navigating Between Brilliance and Madness
4/29. Corinna West on Poetry for Personal Power
4/30. Grace Joubarne on Emotional Freedom
5/1. Leah Harris on Mental Health as a Social Justice Issue
5/2. Bernadette Grosjean on “From Locked In To Locked Out”
5/3. David Oaks on Psychiatric Survivor Activism
5/4. James Gottstein on Psychiatry and Your Legal Rights
5/5. Jacqui Dillon on the Hearing Voices Network

Future interview series are planned. If you’d like to recommend someone to be interviewed, please drop Dr. Maisel an email at ericmaisel@hotmail.com. If you have the email address for the person you’re recommending, that information would be appreciated.

These interview series complement and are in support of Dr. Maisel’s The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm, which can be viewed and purchased here.

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