Mastering the Business Mindset

I’ve worked with countless clients who have a dream. Their dream is to do the work they love—write, paint, coach, teach, create—and also make enough money to live. 

You wouldn’t think that such a “modest” dream would prove so very hard to achieve. Unfortunately, it is. For many, the dream starts to fade away. Disappointment sets in. Many give up entirely.

What can help them nurture or resuscitate this beautiful dream? The single most important thing that a person in this position can do is acquire a mindset that gives them the best chance of succeeding. I’m calling this mindset the business mindset. If you want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living, you need to master this special mindset.

What is the business mindset? It’s thinking thoughts that support your business efforts rather than thinking thoughts that undermine those efforts. It’s cultivating inner language that combats your anxious feelings, allays your doubts, encourages you after inevitable setbacks, sustains your motivation, protects you from the pain of missteps and criticism, and allows you to compete, value yourself, and engage in ordinary business tactics and strategies. It is a mindset that reinforces your willingness to do business and dissolves your resistance to doing business. It is you really getting behind your own dream.  

You really need this mindset. And you need it now. 

Acquiring this business mindset will not guarantee that you realize your dream. But not acquiring it pretty much guarantees that you won’t. You need a solid business mindset that supports your business efforts. During this online weekend workshop, I’ll lay out twelve areas of right thinking and how you can make the switch from the way you’re currently thinking to this new business mindset. You’ll learn not only how to make this switch but how to embrace this switch and stop fighting with yourself about whether you really “want to do business” or really “have it in you to do business.” This weekend workshop will end that internal warfare!

I’ll provide you with super-clear lessons and the time to work on each of these twelve areas so that you really get it. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have transformed yourself into someone who does business in a more productive and lighter way. Doing business doesn’t have to feel so hard or so fraught with shadows. After this weekend, you will experience a new ease as you pursue your dreams. 

This workshop is a must for every solopreneur: every writer, painter, massage therapist, yoga teacher, life coach, therapist, craftsperson, app designer, personal chef, singer/songwriter … and for every dentist, lawyer and accountant too! All you need to do is to set aside some weekend hours and you’ll see a huge positive change happen in your life. You’ve always had the dream—now acquire the mindset that goes with the dream!

You can make the changes that you need to make in just one weekend.

About the Method

The weekend is conducted via timed emails that I send you that provide you with lessons, exercises, guidance, and support. This method really works. Here are some of the things previous participants of my online weekend workshops have said:

“Thank you so much for this incredibly effective teaching. It felt as if you were sitting in my living room coaching me in person. The results far exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you. You’re the Best Teacher, ever!”—Tina McCoy

“What a great way to spend a weekend. There was no pressure, just guidance and the suggestions that I needed. The best part was that I did not have to leave home! It was fantastic.”—MaryAnn Burrows

“I looked forward to this weekend with eagerness and a bit of skepticism. Could such a format really keep me engaged? But it did! Your emails, keeping us on track time-wise and process-wise, and the thoughtful questions and information you provided, made this a truly meaningful experience. Thank you for this powerful and deep experience.”—Becky DeGeorge

“This weekend was more helpful than I could have imagined. The quietness and non-intrusion, along with the gentle frame of structure, was wonderful. Your vigilance about holding this group in the way that you did was just what I needed. I will definitely sign up for this as a regular experience.”—Catherine Comuzzi

“A toast to you, Eric. Thank you for a superb weekend!”—Jean Goldberg



There are two 2019 Dates. Choose either one!
June 8 – 9, 2019
September 7 – 8, 2019

9 am – 2 pm pacific time
10 am – 3 pm mountain time
11 am – 4 pm central time
noon – 5 pm eastern time

9 am – 2 pm pacific time
10 am – 3 pm mountain time
11 am – 4 pm central time
noon – 5 pm eastern time


All you need is Internet access and email capability



Change your mindset and improve your chances for success in just one weekend. Come join me!



If you’ve taken Mastering the Business Mindset online weekend workshop either for free, as part of our Mastering the One-Person Business program, or at the regular $179 price, you are welcome to take it again at the repeat participant price of $59. This price is only for folks who have taken the Mastering the Business Mindset workshop previously, either as a program free bonus or at the regular price.




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