“Your list” is shorthand for your ability to reach folks. You might reach folks via an electronic newsletter that you send out regularly or intermittently, a physical flyer, a brochure or a postcard that you mail, or an announcement that you make on your blog, via your podcasts, or to your social media contactsThe most usual sense of the phrase “building your

“Building your list” refers to the efforts you make to add email addresses to your email list. You acquire these email addresses by inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter, to join your community, or in some other way to stay apprised of your offerings. That is, they “opt in” to receive further emails from you.

Why might they opt in? Typically, because you are offering them something for free, something at a reduced rate, or some special privileges (like being the very first to know about your upcoming activities). A customary way to do this is the following. A visitor finds your website, he or she sees your prominent invitation (often positioned at the upper right of your website), and opts in.

What might your “prominent invitation” say? It might say any of the following:

+ “Grab your great FREE ten tips ebook here!”

+ “Be the first to learn about our upcoming events!”

+ “Want great discounts? Learn about them here!”

+ “All my best tips, available to you free each week!”

+ “Join our vibrant, growing community!”

+ “Get a sneak peek at my next class!”

+ “Read the first chapter of my new book for FREE!”

+ “Don’t miss all the latest news and insider scoops!”

Of course, if you don’t have many visitors to your site, you won’t be able to grow your newsletter list very quickly. How can you increase traffic to your site or find other ways to have folks arrive at your newsletter offer? More next week!

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