Deep Writing Online Weekend Workshops

Deep Writing Online WorkshopSpend a weekend in the embrace of your writing while learning important lessons that will sustain you as a writer. These lessons will help you create a strong writing practice and provide you with the tools you need to meet the challenges of the writing life. 

Based on Dr. Maisel’s 5-Day Deep Writing workshops, which have been held worldwide (in Paris, London, Rome, Prague, New York, San Francisco, and elsewhere) and at all the major conference, retreat, and workshop centers (Esalen, Omega, Kripalu, Hollyhock, etc.), the Deep Writing Online Weekend Workshop will give you the chance to experience a Deep Writing workshop without the expense, time commitment, and travel costs of attending a live Deep Writing workshop.

The two-day online version of Deep Writing is not the equivalent of the five-day live version. It can’t be. But, despite the limitations of it being online, it may serve you beautifully. At the very least, you will spend two focused days connecting and reconnecting with your writing. And you’ll likely get a lot more out of it than that! 

If you’ve wanted to attend the live version, if you’re a fan of Dr. Maisel’s work, if you’re curious about how a weekend Deep Writing workshop might work online, or—most importantly—if you want to reestablish your connection to your writing and learn what you need to know in order to persevere and flourish as a writer, this workshop is for you.


Dates: June 23- 24



9 am Pacific – 2 pm Pacific time
10 am Mountain – 3 pm Mountain
11 am Central – 4 pm Central
Noon Eastern – 5 pm Eastern

(If you are in another time zone, please check your local time. If you are in Europe the workshop will run late, but you might just want to stay up!)


9 am Pacific – 2 pm Pacific time
10 am Mountain – 3 pm Mountain
11 am Central – 4 pm Central
Noon Eastern – 5 pm Eastern

What You Need:

+ Internet connection and email capability

What You Don’t Need

Working online+ You don’t need to know for sure what you’re working on. If you know what your current writing project is, that’s wonderful. If you don’t, the workshop will help you get there. 

+ You don’t need to be at any particular stage of the writing process. This workshop is for writers at every stage and every level. Whether you’ve written half-a-dozen books or haven’t started your first short story yet, this workshop is for you. 

+ You don’t have be doing a particular sort of writing. The workshop is for folks working on novels, nonfiction books, memoirs, screenplays, stage plays, essays, academic articles, blog posts, poetry, etc.

What Won’t Happen

There will be no sharing or critiquing of what you’ve written. That’s a feature of the five-day Deep Writing workshops that writers especially appreciate. It makes for an especially safe and productive environment.

This and That

+ Get dressed or write in your pajamas. You will be at home!

+ You do not need to connect via Zoom, Skype, or any other similar method. The workshop is email-based.

+ If you’ve ever wanted to lead an online workshop, see how this model works!

+ This is a great chance to work with Dr. Maisel without having to make the large commitment that attending a live workshop requires. We can’t wait to see you aboard!

Cost: $129

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“I began my novel in one of Eric’s Deep Writing workshops, finished it in another, and quickly sold it for a lovely advance. Eric and his writing workshops have made all the difference in my writing life.” Eva WeaverThe Puppet Boy of Warsaw

“At some point in the workshop, I regained my drive to write and create meaning in both my inner and outer landscapes. Eric’s leadership made that possible for me and facilitated that shift into my newfound sense of identity as a writer. Thank you, Eric!”Marian R.

“Eric provided a safe forum for writers to really find their tribe. He encouraged us, validated us, and inspired us. His advice was instantly credible and powerfully pragmatic. It would be nearly impossible to walk away from this workshop and not feel inspired and incredibly productive. To all working and aspiring writers, this is a must-attend retreat.” – Anita N.

“I didn’t know what I was looking for when I signed up for Eric Maisel’s Deep Writing workshop. By the end of Day 2, I had found it anyway. He gave me the tools to sustain a writing practice and to honor my desire to write. I can’t think of a better endorsement than to say that I hope that my daughter one day encounters Eric.” – Cynthia B.

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Refunds are available until June 1. To receive your refund, please contact Dr. Maisel at After June 1, fees may be applied to a future Deep Writing Online Weekend Workshop.


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