As a visual artist, what help do you need?

As we build our life navigation app that will launch in September, we are looking at the idea of support. Who would you want to invite into your life to support you? What support are you looking for from someone you could message, chat with, etc.?

Would you like:

+ Someone to regularly cheer you on?

+ Someone to hold you accountable (about getting to the studio, about marketing your art, etc.)?

+ A mentor to whom you could pose the occasional question?

+ Alerts about residencies, competitions, etc.?

+ Newsletters from art marketing professionals?

+ Someone with whom you could share your ups and downs?

+ A creativity coach or life coach you could message?

+ Someone else?

Please share your thoughts. We are very eager to hear what sort of help and support you’re looking for. Either comment or, better yet, drop me a line to We’re eager to hear!




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