This week, 10 more great creativity tips, to go with the 10 I shared last week! If you’re interested in training as a creativity coach, please take a look here.


Reframe “discipline” as “devotion.” Luciano Pavarotti said, “People think I’m disciplined.  It’s not discipline, it’s devotion, and there’s a great difference.” Think about that difference!


Boredom is the thing that regularly arrives between excitements and episodes of meaning. If you are bored do not say, “I am so bored that I can’t possibly create.” Instead say, “I am so bored—I had better create!”


Have you figured out a form for your creative work? Nothing really exists until it has a form!


What are your process, your style, and your rhythm? Get clear in your own mind how you create. Then accept your way of working—or change it if it’s not effective.


To decide to reach for this blue and not that one, to switch styles or subject matter, to move, in the middle of a sentence, in one direction or another, to commit to this book when that one is also calling, are the sorts of choices that artists must make if they are to function. Remember: you can’t avoid choosing!


You can jumpstart your creativity in the following way: 1. Ask yourself an interesting question 2. Try to answer it.


Unexplored territory has no maps. You will have to go into the unknown guided only by your inner compass. Become an intrepid explorer!


Wildness is part of the process. Say, “I am one wild creature!” Shout it out, if you dare!


Do not fear the darkness. It is in that darkness that your new work resides. You must proceed blind and uncertain into that darkness if you intend to go deep. Down in that darkness reside your future accomplishments.


Not everything you create will work well. When something doesn’t work you can say, “I’m an idiot!” or you can say, “Such things happen.” Which thought do you suppose serves you better?



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