I’ve been musing on the International Bohemian Highway, remembering moments from my own life and moments from what must be our collective unconscious <smile>, moments when this writer settled into that chair at that café or the lights went down on that avant-garde play that no one could understand or someone offered up the first monochromatic painting and announced that an all-blue canvas was art or a folksinger decided to stop a war with a song—there are good moments on the highway, and strange moments, and momentous moments, if only for the individual artist who feels, all of a sudden, that she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Our collective travels on that highway commence October 1, if you will join me in the new Eric Maisel Community. Today we announce a month-by-month option, if you don’t feel like signing up for a year. The monthly option is a mere $9.95/month, and you will get a lot for that, in addition to our shared zeitgeist. Come take a look at the benefits and the nice gift for joining. The annual membership is still “the way to go,” as that saves you money and gets you a lot of bonuses—but if you want to just get your feet wet, try the month-by-month option. I think this is where you will want to be. Please come join me and your fellow travelers on the International Bohemian Highway.


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