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Are you a painter, sculptor, printmaker, pastel artist, watercolor artist, collage artist, graphic designer, computer-assisted artist, weaver, potter, photographer, or some other visual artist? Maybe you’re a creativity coach or other helper who works with visual artists? If you’re either one—or both!—then this information-packed webinar is for you!

Learn about the many special challenges that visual artists face, among them issues of space and time, conflicts between process and product, “artist statement” difficulties, the challenge of pricing art, a felt lack of style, vision, or themes, displeasure with the work, too much inventory, and much, much more. Most importantly … learn how to handle each one!

In this value-packed webinar, join Dr. Eric Maisel, master coach and the author of more than fifty books, as he explains exactly what you need to know in order to thrive as a visual artist and in order to help your visual artist clients.

Dr. Maisel provides you with the tactics and strategies you need to meet these special challenges. Learn everything you need to know about handling the special challenges that visual artists face in this powerful, information-packed webinar presented by America’s foremost creativity coach.

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