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Thank you for your comments on why you find it difficult to complete your creative projects. Here are three more comments. Your comments welcome!

Ruth explained:

Finishing a piece of my art work is often because I have a deadline and the client is due to pick it up. There are so many subtleties I could work on it for a whole month more, if only I had the time. I think heaven will be when I have the time, energy, and can afford the best working material and not get interrupted! Once I finish a piece, I never touch it unless the client brings it back with a scratch or something. When I am finished, I must own it and say that is the best I can do. While the painting is in process there are so many possibilities of it getting better. Calling my painting finished is a bit of a Jekyll / Hyde experience.

Tammy explained:

I’ve always been an instant gratification kind of person. I usually just start painting, ending up with 5 or 6 paintings until I get “what I want”, and sometimes it never happens. I’ve recently started using pastels to begin my frenzy. I’m working on a project to “paint a sailboat”… I’m over a month and about 20 pastels drawings and one painting in … and still not ready to start the painting.

Janice explained:

The idea or picture in my mind propels me to start a piece, only to stop not long into it because it is not matching up to the mind’s view. Even if I plan and lay out the basics I feel paralyzed to push forward past the “ugly stage” but know this is where you have to let go of that preconceived idea. The trust and freedom to do that just isn’t there. I also have a sense of wanting to “flee” and will often go for a walk first but get home and think on what to do (for weeks or more).

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