Appetite is a great thing. If you’re a composer, better to hunger to create your symphony than not care about it. If you’re a visual artist, better to salivate at the thought of getting to your canvas than to think, “I can take it or leave it.” If you’re a writer, better to obsess about your novel than to think about it only occasionally. Appetite, passion, artistry—they all connect!

But …

Having a large appetite means having a large appetite. How easy it is to feel ferociously hungry, to eat lots, to eat too much, to eat too much for too long, and to get too heavy. Especially in a country where you can consume thousands of calories on a fast-food pizza costing $10. Abundance is wonderful … and its own problem. Combine a large appetite with cheap calories and a culture that applauds huge portion size (“our sandwiches come with a full half-pound of pastrami!”) and you get … well, you know what you get!

Let’s get on top of this!

Let’s use our powerful artist’s strengths and sensibilities to deal with our appetites and hungers. Join me for an eight-week gathering where we’ll get at our special challenges, the ones that weight loss systems never address. Finally learn how to live with your wonderful, exuberant, out-sized, dangerous, amazing appetite!

Come take a look.


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