In response to my post last week about tolerating ease, Walter commented:


I think that there have been times when I myself felt like I was running a race with time – Trying to get as many images up on my site as possible. But now that I have a large number of images up here on Fine Art America and I realize that that is quite a good number of images for people to view and that it is not really necessary to go any faster with my uploading – I can comfortably relax into my process and to also create new images and add them to my collection as well as now begin to try different methods of marketing. Yes, breathing is the most valuable thing to remember to do whether I am uploading, creating art, or handing out my business cards (which has been my main means of marketing for many years now).

Thanks, Walter

Exactly. We can’t outrace time and we can’t get “everything” done. Work hard, yes, but also find a little grace and a little ease. And remember to breathe!

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