Is this you? it could be an easy day, if only you could tolerate ease. But you find ease boring. You find ease exhausting. You find ease morally reprehensible. You find ease inexcusable. You find ease something-or-other that prevents you from taking it easy. Why is that?

Who can say? But mustn’t you find a way to experience ease as tolerable, at least some of the time? Try this. Breathe deeply ten times. After the last breath, say or think, “Easy.” Settle. Breathe some more. Invite calmness. Use “easy” as a mantra and repeat it while continuing to breathe deeply.

If you hear yourself saying “I hate this!” or “I can’t stand this!” or “I must do something!”, counter that thought with “Ease is so valuable.” Your practice: learn to tolerate ease. Wouldn’t a little ease feel wonderful? Yes, if life isn’t easy, it isn’t easy. If your painting isn’t going well, if your day job isn’t going well, if your relationship isn’t going well, that’s all really hard. But don’t make it that much harder by holding some unconscious grudge against ease. Allow yourself to sometimes be easy!

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