Who wants to do the exact same thing, moment after moment, quarter-hour after quarter-hour?

Keep striding on the treadmill? Keep practicing the same chord sequence? Keep sending out the same email to one prospective customer after another? Keep painting flower after flower or color field after color field? How boring! How repetitious! How pointless! How … pick a word.

Right now, however, is the time to completely change your mind about repetition. Since repetition is a crucial element of practice, you want to excise the thought, “repetition is boring,” and replace it with the thought, “repetition is breathtaking.”

Take yourself to that place of mystery inside of you, that place where repetition is a beautiful and glorious activity, and smile at the prospect of repetition. Your new daily practice: enter into a more positive relationship with repetition.

To learn more about the elements of practice and what makes for a powerful daily practice, please see The Power of Daily Practice.

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