Last week I wrote, “Here’s a possible mantra for the coming week: Get a lot done, but celebrate the bits.”

In response, Koorosh wrote me: “Eric, I have written your statement on a piece of paper and have it in my studio. I am so bad at it, so I need a reminder. When I start a painting, I cannot stop thinking of it, it’s like a journey for me, I feel like I am in a different state. I like it, as it takes me far from the everyday world. But it also bothers me, because, when I have to leave it, I miss enjoying every touch of the brush, every line I draw, and every little impression I make. Thanks for the reminder.”

It is easier to leave your painting if you can end your painting stint with a small ceremony of celebration at having done some bits that you like. So, let’s keep our mantra in mind but alter it a little for the coming week: When you leave your work for the day, make sure to celebrate the bits you like.

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