Creativity coaches find themselves on the frontlines of creativity, working with creatives on all the challenges that come with the creative process, the creative personality, and the creative life.

Among the arrows in their quiver as they work with clients are the exercises that they provide. A coach might use an exercise in session, inviting a client to do some focused writing or engage in a guided visualization, or the coach might “assign” an exercise as “homework” for the client to tackle between sessions.

These exercises range from the practical to the abstract and from the secular to the spiritual or occult. Each coach comes at life and at creativity coaching from his or her particular perspective and with his or her particular background and experiences, so naturally these exercises vary widely. Because they vary this widely, that means that there are exercises for every taste!

I’ve asked coaches from around the world to provide me with their favorite exercise to share with you. Each week over the course of the next several months I’ll share one of their exercises. The coach providing the exercise will explain the rationale for the exercise, what issue or issues it is intended to address, how the exercise works, and, most importantly, how you can go about actually using it.

I hope that you’ll enjoy these exercises and find them useful. You may also find that working with a creativity coach begins to intrigue you as an idea. In case it does, contact information for each coach is provided. You may know very little about creativity coaching right now but I hope that this series will enlighten you a bit. And, of course, I hope that these exercises help!

For the next two weeks, I’ll further introduce the series and then we’ll begin. I look forward to sharing these exercises with you and I hope that you find them useful and enjoyable!


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