1. I will create every day. Or almost every day!

2. I will market every day. Or at least on lots of days!

3. I will make some new, excellent connections. And not just Facebook friends and twitter followers!

4. I will find at least one person who wants to write about me. I will get myself profiled and interviewed!

5. I will have lots of rich, meaningful experiences NOT related to art. Art is great but so are lots of other things!

6. If I haven’t already, I will find my artistic voice. I am tired of not making art that is “really mine”!

7. I will play more and I will also take myself more seriously. I want to do both!

8. I will sell lots of art. Or at least some!

9. I will experiment and explore. Not day after day of the same old thing!

10. I will lead a rich, healthy life, one that includes art but that also includes all sort of other things, like love and friendship. This Fall will be an “art plus” season!

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