An everyday creative person celebrates, honors, and lives with mystery.

When you create you lose yourself in mystery. Unfortunately most people hate the idea that they’ve been dropped into a mystery that requires unraveling. They want simple answers and unequivocal assurances. The more rewarding path, however, is to accept mystery and hang out there, creating!

The creative act is an adventurous whirl in the cosmos. If you don’t launch yourself into that realm of mystery, you can take every workshop there is and still never create.

Settle into mystery as you would settle into a comfortable chair. Listen. Have visions. Let words dissolve and crystallize and dissolve again. Tackle something worth your time and energy and don’t pester yourself even for an instant with questions about your talent or worries about outcomes.

Venture into the unknown. Who knows what you’ll meet there! Who knows whether you’ll have a splendid experience or whether you’ll have a scary one. Take that risk and go on that adventure!

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