1. I will create every day in 2016. Or almost every day!

2. I will market every day in 2016. Or at least on lots of days!

3. I will make some new, excellent connections in 2016. And not just Facebook friends and twitter followers!

4. I will find at least one person who wants to write about me in 2016. I will get myself profiled and interviewed!

5. I will have lots of rich, meaningful experiences NOT related to art in 2016. Art is great but so are lots of other things!

6. If I haven’t already, I will find my artistic voice in 2016. I am tired of not making art that is “really mine”!

7. I will play more in 2016 and I will also take myself more seriously in 2016. I want to do both!

8. I will sell lots of art in 2016. Or at least some!

9. I will experiment and explore in 2016. Not day after day of the same old thing!

10. I will lead a rich, healthy life in 2016, one that includes art but that also includes all sort of other things, like love and friendship. 2016 will be an “art plus” year!


Eric Maisel, Ph.D., is the author of 40+ books, among them The Future of Mental Health, Rethinking Depression, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Life Purpose Boot Camp and The Van Gogh Blues. Write Dr. Maisel at ericmaisel@hotmail.com, visit him at https://www.ericmaisel.com, and learn more about the future of mental health at https://www.thefutureofmentalhealth.com

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