Here are three simple suggestions from three creativity coaches to keep you on track with your art-making:

“Begin each day with an affirmation.  Write your own affirmation or copy one from a piece of literature that inspires you.  Make it your practice to read your affirmation upon waking.  If you start your day strengthening your creative spirit with an affirmation, you’ll set the tone for the rest of the day.”

— Christine Francis

“Go to the place where you do your creative work.  Sit down and close your eyes.  Take some deep breaths and clear your mind.  Picture yourself doing your creative work and feeling comfortable in your artist skin. After several minutes, open your eyes and begin.”

— Audrey Stulberger

“Before starting your work for the day, allow your thoughts to wander. Consider many possibilities for your project and make some small notations. You may use all of these ideas, some of these ideas, or none of them, but by letting your mind consider options you may happen upon something great.”

— Deborah Bouziden

Do you have a suggestion you’d like to share with your fellow artists? Let me know and I’ll share it!


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