As a smart person, you no doubt see through much of life. You see clearly the realities of politics and social structures, the realities of the art world, the realities of health and mortality, and so on.

All this excellent reality testing can make a person pessimistic, unmotivated, and sad. Often what is required in order for an artist to proceed is that he move to an “optimistic” place where he does less reality-testing, future-thinking and future-worrying and instead concentrates on two things: showing up to his art and enjoying himself more.

If this is something you need to do, this requires that you get a grip on your mind and make a decision about where you want to focus (on your art, not on the world or the future) and how you want to be (present, committed, and devoted).

Would you like to try to make that “switch”? Does that seem like the right change to make? If so, stop everything, get a clear picture of the change you want to make, take a deep breath, take a second deep breath, and flip the switch.

See if you can make that change “just like that.” Maybe that’s just a pipe dream. But maybe it’s a genuine possibility. Isn’t it worth two minutes of your time to see?


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