Here’s an emotional wellness tip that may really serve you—whether you’re an artist or not!

Say that a feature of your original personality is that you’re prone to sadness. At one time it was assumed that a full quarter of human beings were born “melancholic.” Whether or not this view is accurate, it’s certainly the case that we come into the world with hard-wired proclivities, including for some of us a vulnerability to sadness.

Say this is you. Then a skill you would want to hone is your ability to deal with that chronic sadness. To put it in the form of self-talk, this might sound like: “I know I get sad. I’m not sure if I have the ability to reduce that sadness but I want to suppose that I do! What would ‘reducing my sadness’ look like? Let me sit down and think.”

That’s a simple, wonderful emotional wellness habit to cultivate: identify a challenge (like chronic sadness), announce that you have (or hope that you have) the ability to deal with it, and then sit yourself down and figure out what needs to be done.

You might discover that you need to “change your mind” about the bleakness of your circumstances, identify some mood-uplifting tactics like exercise and hot showers, or manifest your courage and make changes that you know you need to make. In this way you create a personal plan to deal with your chronic sadness.

Get into the smart habit of identifying a challenge, sitting yourself down, and thinking calmly and sensibly about what might help. Might you practice this new habit this week <smile>?


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