You need money for art supplies, building your website, your marketing efforts, and, well, just to live! One challenge is figuring out where to look for the money you need. But a second challenge is equally pressing: being able to ask for what you need and want. Here are three tips for doing just that!

It isn’t begging, it’s advocating

If you are doing work that you believe in, then it is on your shoulders to advocate for that work. Doesn’t the work you’re attempting need a friend, an advocate, and a spokesperson? To begin with, you must be that person! And what if you don’t quite believe in your own work? Then either believe in it better, do better work, or both! And then advocate for it!

Money is a necessity and not an embarrassment

Just as we may feel shy or embarrassed to give a little speech or ask someone out on a date, we may feel shy or embarrassed about asking for money. Try to get your head around the fact that there is nothing embarrassing about asking for money, that money is a necessity and not some luxury, life incidental, or indulgence!

Asking needn’t make you feel one-down

Just because you are asking for money, you needn’t feel like an orphan asking for more gruel. Work on feeling the equal of the person you are asking for money, because you are! If you feel one-down it is your work to change that feeling and remind yourself that wanting and needing money doesn’t make you weak, obligated, or second-rate!

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