Write Mind

“This excellent book packs a great punch in a small space. Using simple but useful cognitive therapy techniques, Maisel presents pairs of ideas–worse ways and better ways for writers to think about the issues that confront them. It is amazingly beneficial to see these ‘wrong mind’ and ‘right mind’ statements side-by-side. Highly recommended!” – Ann C., Chicago, Illinois

“This is a surprisingly versatile little book with a lot to say. Maisel’s affirmations are surprisingly practical. They don’t always tell us that we’re right; they don’t encourage us to adopt a blind, everything-is-okay approach to life. But they do encourage us to move on despite our problems. Obviously not every affirmation will be right for you straight out of the box. The idea is that you learn how to create your own–ones that suit your particular issues and problems. The affirmations that Maisel provides will give you plenty of examples to start from, and he brings in a touch of humor here and there to lighten the mood.” – H. Grove

“This inspiring book helps writers learn to avoid those negative thoughts that struggling writers often say or think. The short thoughts can help writers with motivation, time management, and writer’s block. Write Mind is a good psychological booster for struggling writers!” – Writers Write

“Someone who is perfectly fulfilled, content, and happy in his writing career will have little need for this book, although it might make an interesting read in a bored moment. Anyone who is having problems of some sort, however (and let’s be honest – that’s almost every writer), could get a great deal of benefit from reading through these pages!

“Afraid to sit down at the computer? Too scattered or chaotic to write? Feel that you have no good ideas? Envious of your friend who got published before you did? Having problems with an editor or agent? Not sure how to fill out your word count? Debating whether a writer’s conference would help or distract you? Believe it or not, all of these issues and many more get addressed within the pages of this book.

“Reading some of the affirmations can help you to figure out where your real problems lie, and give you a place to start when addressing them. They might not solve all your problems, and they won’t make life easy and happy in five easy steps. But then, Maisel doesn’t promise those things. They will help you to reframe your problems as opportunities. They could teach you a new way to think that will help you to achieve your goals.

Isn’t that worth a few dollars?” – errant dreams reviews

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