Deep Writing in Rome, April 15 – 19, 2013



Each year I lead one Deep Writing Workshop in Europe. In 2010 London was the destination, in 2011 Paris, and in 2012 Prague. In 2013 it will be Rome!

The dates are April 15 – April 19, 2013. We’ll also have an informal get-acquainted get-together on the Sunday evening before the workshop begins (that is, Sunday, April 14).

This year there is also a wonderful added feature: an A Hunger for Rome food and wine culinary tour lead by Italy specialist Renee Restivo. The times of the two events are coordinated and you can do both and still have time to enjoy Rome! Renee has been leading culinary tours to Italy for years and will provide you with an exceptional experience. To learn more about the A Hunger for Rome culinary tour, please visit here. I hope you’ll want to do both! You can pay for the Deep Writing Workshop at this site and for the A Hunger for Rome culinary tour at Renee’s site.

The $500 Deep Writing workshop fee is for the workshop only. All other arrangements are on your own. Space is limited so you may want to sign up now. You can pay for the workshop at this site.

Cost: $500 for the Deep Writing Workshop; discounted price of $425 if you are also taking the A Hunger for Rome culinary tour (you save $150 on the two workshops by taking them together)

  or contact Dr. Maisel at if you prefer to pay by check.


Dr. Maisel’s Deep Writing workshops are simple in structure and powerful in effect.

During the workshop you relearn how much writing means to you and you make real progress on your chosen project. A genuinely safe environment is created because participants’ writing is neither shared nor critiqued. Rather, the group receives permission to spend time connecting with and falling back in love with their own writing.

Each writing session begins with an important lesson. You explore the unique challenges that writers face and have the opportunity to resolve longstanding issues around committing, planning and doing, generating mental energy, achieving a centered presence, mastering anxiety, and maintaining a writing life.

The Deep Writing Workshop is ideal for writers of every level of experience, from published authors to writers who have yet to begin writing. It is likewise ideal for writers who want to discover what they want to write, who are hoping to get back to a beloved project, and who are immersed in a current project.

Give yourself the gift of a week in the embrace of your own writing.

“I began my novel in one of Eric’s Deep Writing workshops, finished it in another, quickly sold it for a lovely advance, and am looking forward to it appearing in 2013! Eric and his writing workshops have made all the difference in my writing life.”Eva Weaver, The Puppet Boy of Warsaw

Cost: $425

  or contact Dr. Maisel at if you prefer to pay by check.

Deep Writing in Europe Endorsements

Here are a few comments from folks who have taken my Deep Writing Workshops in London, Paris, Prague and elsewhere.

“This week in London represented a wonderful luxury and a truly safe haven in which to write. For whatever reason, I was able to work with minimal anxiety throughout. Having the writing not compete with the usual demands at home has made a big difference. And having time left each day to explore London made for a perfect week!”?Jennifer T.

“I’ve now done Eric’s Deep Writing workshop in Paris, London, and New York City and it is my favorite week of the year. Getting so much writing done has been wonderful. So has learning about writing and publishing from a pro. Both have been great! I know that I will continue writing when I get home—I’ve got the momentum, the tools, and most importantly a clear picture of what I need to do. I can’t wait to see where Eric is going next year!”Mary B.

“Rather than being a challenging, grueling week of hard work it has been a week of flow and relief that I can do this writing thing and that my story is good. I’ve fallen in love with my book and with discovering my characters and I had a blast. Thank you, Eric, for holding the energy so well!” ?Ruth P.

“I’ve learned this week that anything that interferes with sitting down and writing is a ‘distraction’ and can be dealt with or addressed. Doing our own writing allowed us to witness our process and learn how to address distractions, all made possible by Eric’s even, non-attached, but-always-ready-to-laugh voice and presence. A brilliant experience.” ?Amanda L.

“This was a great workshop. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to each day. This workshop has helped to kickstart my novel, which had only been in my head until this week. Thanks so much!”?Ralph M.

I’ve delivered a lot of writing workshops and been a participant on many and this is by far the very best. It is rare to find a writing workshop where the main focus is simply on writing. I’ve written more in Paris than I have done in months. This is my second year and I look forward to this serving as a permanent yearly feature on my writing calendar.”Jackee H.

“I found the workshop very useful as it actually got me writing—and got me back into the thrill of writing. I will most probably finish both the projects I reconnected with this week. At least it feels like it’s going to be easy now! Thanks for helping me focus. You are an inspiration.”?Sophie L.

“The workshop was direct, sobering, steady, safe, open, and respectful. It does not get much better than this.”?Bob C.

“This was a great, focused experience and you gave very solid, positive direction – and your presence was the main thing, the way you supported the group and each of us so quietly, steadily, and with so much good will.” ?Judy S.

“I loved your Zen-like style and the fact that there was lots of time to write and keep writing so as to go deeper. It was a great reminder to myself that this is like meditation, that the real work is to keep sitting and noticing and writing, and I felt a big shift in the direction of finally embracing the process. I got everything that I came here for.”?Claudette V.


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