What Would Your Character Do?

“I love this book. It’s not a guide you use daily to write. Instead, it is a book you go to whenever you want to delve deep into your character’s psyche. The scenarios help you realize how your character would react in particular situations and what makes them tick.” – LibraryThing

“Every writer wants to get inside their character’s head, but a book that actually allows you to peep inside their mind? What Would Your Character Do? is a book that branches off to cover the character element of a story.

“The first thing addressed in the book is the history of psychologists. Although it is an unusual topic, Eric Maisel goes on to expand to claim that writers are the real psychologists of the world. He explains that depression was a mystery to early psychologists, but writers knew that the person was suffering from a different disorder.

“The book is a collection of personality quizzes for analyzing characters. It stresses the importance of knowing one’s characters and even provides a study guide for the reader. It illustrates how to get the most from the book with the use of a character notebook.

“The quizzes themselves are entertaining. The quizzes are several common situations from going to a family reunion to being placed in a sudden leadership role. There are several questions for each scenario and with them are personality types.

What Would Your Character Do? is an interesting book to use to spend time with your characters. You can discover what would motivate your character to lie or how they would deal with the death of a parent. So ask yourself – just how well do you know your characters?” – epinions.com


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