The Creativity Book

“This wonderful book came to me at a time when I was experiencing a painful and desperate disconnection from my work as a sculptor. I took the fast track with the book and read it in 4 days. My resistance, fear, uncertainty, grief, etc. has miraculously resolved. I have begun a new and extremely satisfying body of work, and I’m filled with new creative energy in all aspects of my life. It was the right book at the right time for me. My hope is that it may that for you. I will always be grateful to Eric Maisel for writing this book!” – Mary Bradley

“Since creativity usually reveals itself in small doses (and because most creative folks have short attention spans), I’m drawn to creativity-related books that stick to the point and offer bite-size morsels of materials. By presenting his content in a sequential, yearlong plan, Maisel gives the reader digestible, easy-to-access inspiration and exercises for higher creativity and fresh ideas. Too many books force the reader to dig for the nuggets in volumes of narrative. Maisel’s Creativity Book keeps the reader doing rather than digging!” – Sam Harrison

“Maisel consistently challenges the artist to be true to his/her artistic self in all his books, and this is no exception. The Creativity Book targets the artist who has achieved a higher degree of self-knowledge and acceptance. He asks the reader to choose a Dream early in the year, which will be accomplished as the year unfolds. Each week highlights an aspect of living as a creative being, and includes exercises to clear the way to living more fully.

“Maisel has a no-holds-barred style that doesn’t permit excuses, whining, or hedging. His message is simple: one must actively pursue the muse at all times, and embrace her when she appears. You don’t HAVE to do any of the exercises, although he’d like you to do them all. He makes it clear, however, that choosing not to do the exercises is also a clear statement of your degree of commitment to your Dream, which ultimately boils down to art.

“If you’re looking for coddling, this is the wrong book. But if you’re ready to be gently but firmly led to create as you know you can, Maisel leaves you with a fuller, more satisfying relationship with your artistic self.” – M. Smith


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