The Blackbirds of Mulhouse

“Maisel cultivates a simple, almost quaint style and then gradually shifts the mood, slipping in a premonitory detail, altering an opinion; before we know it, the novel is accelerating toward its tragic conclusion. It is a pleasure to read a novel written so carefully, one in which the author has complete control of every detail and gesture, each turn of the plot. This is an engrossing, eloquent book.”San Francisco Chronicle

“The tangled webs of German/Jewish racism in a postwar Alsatian family and a son’s confused and violent relationship with his domineering and prejudiced father draw readers into Eric Maisel’s The Blackbirds of Mulhouse. Tensions are introduced and built upon until the final, tragic yet surprising conclusion, making The Blackbirds of Mulhouse a psychological drama not easily forgotten.” – Midwest Book Review


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