Ten Zen Seconds



“High kudos for Ten Zen Seconds! It is a succinct, handy little reference book written to help you stay calm and centered in all circumstances. While the target audience is aimed for people in creative endeavors, it can also be applied to business, sports, the classroom, and parenting, to name a few.

“Eric Maisel uses simple, practical language to explain how to take a ten-second breath while doing an incantation to fit a specific circumstance. For example if it’s a gloomy day either externally, or inside yourself, you can breathe in and say ‘I am open.’ then breathe out and say, ‘to joy.’ Each chapter also has people talking specifically how the breathing and incantations helped them. That has added inspiration to Eric’s expertise, which shines throughout.

“The book is also beautifully designed. It is the size of a small journal, so it can be kept in a briefcase, purse, or desk or bedside drawer for convenient reference. The fonts are pleasing and vary according to voice and emphasis.” – Judith Nasse

Ten Zen Seconds is a direct and passionate call to action for people who value making the most of their time and their lives. I found the method to be a simple and practical way to keep my mind, emotions, and actions in synch throughout the day. Maisel’s examples and quotes from people who have used the techniques are motivating and sensible. The small-format paperback is easy to carry around and to read when I have a few spare minutes. I’ve been surprised at how quickly I can get myself focused and relaxed – for my creative projects and for stressful situations in the rest of my life. You don’t have to have read Eric Maisel’s creativity books to benefit from this one – but if you have read the others, you will probably find yourself going back to them with renewed interest and energy to do your creative work. I have.” – Pamela Burke

“Eric Maisel, the godfather or creativity coaching, distills the essence of mindfulness for his readers. When I first saw the book, my eyebrow crawled up to my hairline in doubt. After all, aren’t Zen and “ten seconds” diametric opposites? What can anyone do in 10 seconds?

“As it turns out–a lot–and my eyebrow can come back into place. The book, a little hefty square of 248 pages, is remarkably effective and efficient. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be read front to back. It can be read for the incantations and practice. Another read through gives you practical applications from people who have worked through the incantations. Toward the back of the book you can learn how to customize the incantations and combine them.

“Best of all, it works. Eric Maisel is a practical, realistic author who explains as he goes along. You won’t feel lost or goofy. In fact, you’ll feel relaxed, centered and ready to tackle your life.” – quinncreative

“I have read many meditation books. Meditation sounds like a great idea, but with my hectic, stressful lifestyle and my ADD, I never do seem to get around to it. It just doesn’t seem practical. This book offers a technique that is so practical. The technique can be used for any stressful situation, no matter how little time you have. Also it is something that I believe could be developed over time, a book to return to over and over. There are many wise little passages here. I have never written a review before, but I just had to share my enthusiasm for this little book!” – Janine Bourdo

“I’ve read several other of Eric’s books and found them to be down to earth and practically helpful. So, when he said he had an instant method to create a calm centered self, I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t think I would have believed this claim from many other authors. It really does seem too good to be true. A good skeptic tests and trials before completely discarding, so test and trial I did. It really does work. I can’t quite believe how easy Eric’s method is to learn and practice and in the short time I’ve been using it I’ve found it has a cumulative effect as well. I feel calm and centered and when I don’t, I know how to fix it – in ten seconds. The book itself is true to his style, easy and enjoyable to read and the information is easily accessed. Honestly, do yourself a favor and get this book.” – J. Allsopp


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