Murder In Berlin

Murder In BerlinThomas Hill is sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of Michael Silverstein, poisoned at the Pankow Grand Hotel.

Hill, chief investigative officer for a company that owns the Pankow Grand Hotel and other properties worldwide, once ran with a Turkish motorcycle gang in Berlin. Now Hill travels on the right side of the law—while still operating by his own rules!

Hill’s investigations lead him into the worlds of contemporary German art, neo-Nazis, and the entangled relationships of an extended Jewish-Gentile family. Exciting and fast-paced, Murder in Berlin is a superior psychological thriller that explores the many ancient hatreds alive today in the dark alleys and genteel living rooms of modern Berlin.

Murder in Berlin is moody, compelling and completely wonderful! Thomas Hill is a little Joe Pike and a little Arkady Renko but wholly original. You won’t soon forget Thomas Hill and the web of secrets that brings him to Berlin.”

— Cynthia Sterling, international bestselling novelist



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