Books for Helping Professionals

Dr. Maisel has published several books for mental health professionals and other helpers, including five with the professional house Routledge. His five Routledge books are Humane Helping, The Future of Mental Health, 60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive and the Creative, Helping Survivors of Authoritarian Parents, Siblings and Partners, and the forthcoming Helping Parents of Diagnosed, Distressed and Different Children. Among his other books in this area are Hearing Critical Voices, Rethinking Depression, and Overcoming Your Difficult Family.

Dr. Maisel’s Psychology Today blog

You’ll find more than 250 critical psychology pieces on Dr. Maisel’s Psychology Today blog called “Rethinking Mental Health.” These posts include interviews with thought leaders and practitioners from around the world, series on children’s mental health, and innovative looks at the mental health issues of creatives.

Rethinking Mental Health

For more than half a century a certain view about mental difficulty has held sway. Supplanting the idea that emotional difficulties had psychological causes, this new view took a pseudo-medical approach and called these differences and difficulties “mental disorders” (and, synonymously, mental diseases and mental illnesses) that, being supposedly biological in nature, ought to be treated with powerful chemicals.

This is not the only view extant but it is the predominant one and the one that psychiatry, pharmaceutical companies, and the mass media promote. In basic disagreement with this paradigm, a movement with various names (critical psychology, critical psychiatry, and anti-psychiatry) has grown up which disputes the basic soundness and legitimacy of the current paradigm, especially when it comes to labeling certain children’s behaviors as “mental disorders.” Dr. Maisel is in the forefront of this movement and his books in this area may interest you and inform you.

Healing from Traumatic Experiences

Do you suffer from depression? Anxiety? Addictive behaviors? Relationship difficulties? Difficulties concentrating? Problems with procrastination and motivation? These powerful challenges may be the result of unrecognized and unhealed trauma. In this low-cost, groundbreaking class, you’ll learn to recognize the effects of trauma and you will receive a complete program for healing from trauma. You may be suffering from the effects of trauma and not even know it!

Trauma produces a startling array of lifelong negative effects, including physical ailments, persistent anxiety, addictive behaviors, and chronic despair. 21 Days to Healing Trauma is your roadmap to a better understanding of what trauma does and what you can do to heal. By the end of the twenty-one days you’ll not only understand how to heal from trauma—you will be deep into the healing process.

For Helping Professionals

The Future of Mental Health

The Future of Mental HealthThe Future of Mental Health drills to the heart of the current mental health crisis, where hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide receive unwarranted “mental disorder diagnoses.” It paints a picture of how mental health providers can improve their practices to better serve individuals in distress and outlines necessary steps for a mental health revolution. Eric Maisel’s goal is to inject more human interaction into the therapeutic process.

Humane Helping

Humane HelpingHumane Helping is a comprehensive, practical guide that helps clinicians shift their practice from the mental disorder-and-chemical fix and expert-talk models to a more humane, helpful model that increases their ability to help clients meet life’s challenges and reduce emotional distress. Chapters clearly explain the shortfalls of the current models and the advantages of Eric Maisel’s model and include case studies, reflection questions, and actionable steps.

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