Each Eric Maisel Wellness Journal is a beautiful, thought-provoking ninety-day companion that will deepen your personal understanding of life’s most important issues. 

Journal every day, use the quotes and prompts as meditations and affirmations, or read them straight through for a powerful experience. Use these journals your way! In whatever way you use them, our journals will provide you with keen insights and heart-felt inspiration. 

We’ve created a line of journals that provide you with powerful experiences at a very low cost. Think of them as mind expanders and heart helpers. If just one quote or one prompt moves you deeply or opens your eyes to new possibilities, that’s worth the price of admission!

Series Titles

Our journals promote emotional wellbeing. Get yours today!

90 Days of Nature

90 Days of Beauty

90 Days of Hope

90 Days of Creating

90 Days of Discipline and Devotion

90 Days of Meaning and Purpose

90 Days of Daily Practice

90 Days of Inner Peace 

Journal Series


Each beautifully-designed pdf journal is available at the low cost of $9.95. You can purchase any four for $35 or all eight for $65 (a nice savings of almost 20%). 

Our journals are here to support your wellness journey. Get yours today!

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