Fearless Creating

“Eric Maisel has made a career out of helping artists, musicians, dancers, and writers cope with the traumas and troubles that are the price of admission to the creative life … The author doesn’t just name and solve some common creative problems, he calls on us to create, and to create deeply. Fearless Creating mobilizes us to think, feel, and act completely, without self-editing and self-defeating restraint.”— Intuition Magazine

Fearless Creating is an audacious book, broad and exhilarating in scope, clear and compelling in description. If bravely followed, it will be of great service to artists.” – Peter London, No More Secondhand Art

“This book generates an ecstatic inspiration to create. The fresh immediacy of language, the cogent suggestions, and Eric Maisel’s respectful human awareness all pay consummate tribute to artists.” – Peggy Salkind, professor of piano and psychology, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Fearless Creating is about the tremendous power of passion and the challenge of bearing it. A gutsy workbook on the conniptions of commitment and the dignity of daring.” – Gregg Levoy, This Business of Writing

“Maisel knows about anxiety, knows about the tightrope walk between spontaneity and discipline in the creative act. This exuberant book has much to offer the aspiring creator.” – Victoria Nelson, On Writer’s Block

“Thank you for your book Fearless Creating. It is the first time I’ve read something where I felt understood. I almost cried when I read parts that echoed what I’ve felt for so long—it was such a relief to know that someone out there recognized what it feels like to want so badly to write and write authentically. I need to feel understood and your book has helped me feel that. Thank you again.” – N. J., Winnipeg, Manitoba


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