Everyday You

Eric Maisel has written more than thirty books to help people live more creative lives despite the difficulties our society throws in our path. In Everyday You, Maisel takes a fresh and innovative approach to inspire all who would live a mindful, joyful life, grounded and connected to their work, their families, their own spirit.

Everyday You is an inspirational gift book with a twist–it is aimed at putting an idea into action for a richer life. For example, in “Grow connected by valuing connection,” we are invited to write a list of reasons to strengthen connections with people in our lives. The very act of writing this list can help strengthen our connections. “Take the time to make a list that impresses you and convinces you of the value of connection in your life,” Maisel encourages.

Ninety entries in all make this a book to savor through a season and beyond. Deep and rich enough to dip into over and over again, this beautiful and inspiring bedside or coffee-table book is an ideal gift for any occasion.

* Inspiring thoughts, activities, and meditations, accompanied by original 4-color photos

Here is an excerpt on mystery: “At the heart of mindfulness is mystery.

The mystery of the known.

The mystery of the unknown. Grow mindful by embracing mystery. Make a love of mystery part of your practice. When you look at your buttered toast, your tile floor, or your lover’s brow, shake your head and whisper, ‘How deliciously mysterious!’ ”


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