Everyday Calm

Award-winning creativity coach and therapist, Eric Maisel, offers the A Little Every Day Deck series to help readers develop a more centered, creative, intelligent life. Each card in the series presents a single idea and a simple exercise to try every day.

Readers can use the decks in a variety of ways. They can: • Read through the 30 cards in the deck, pick one that resonates, and try the simple exercise the card suggests. • Use the cards as a 30-day program, practicing one message and exercise a day. • Shuffle the cards, cut the deck, and let a random message speak. • Find a favorite message and exercise, repeat it until the message is taken to heart, then go on to another card in the deck.

Each deck is designed to work with the others to help readers grow in profound, even unexpected ways. Everyday Calm offers 30 different ways to chill out and soothe the inner beast. The cards teach how to quiet the mind’s useless chatter, eliminate negative self-talk, relax the body, and reduce overall stress.

“Do you often feel uptight? Unable to relax? Not finding it possible to have time for yourself to unwind and create a place of serenity? With this latest card deck, creativity coach, writer, and psychologist Eric Maisel says, ‘Today is the day to be calm. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.’ Maisel’s simple, easy-to-use daily program to ‘soothe your inner beast’ will help you achieve little moments of calm and serenity in your day. Each card contains a truth about being soothed, of finding calm in the midst of chaos.

“In an introductory section, Maisel tells us that using these cards will ‘teach you strategies for quieting your mind chatter, eliminating your negative self-talk, relaxing your body, and reducing your overall stress.’ All you do is take one card each day-randomly or in order-and reflect upon the advice and affirmations there. It’s really quite simple-and fast, too. After using these cards for the last few weeks, I can say that they’ve made me stop and think about how frenetic and crazy things can get. The first step toward becoming calmer is realizing when we aren’t calm. As Maisel says, breath awareness, self-forgiveness, selective inattention, lack of sleep and many other things get in the way of feeling calm and serene.

“Get these cards and try them out. You can use them with your partner or kids or friends or coworkers. Each one offers valuable advice and information that is well-worth discussing with people in your life. Or you can reflect upon the issues and ideas on your own. Either way, ‘Everyday Calm’ is a great tool to use to find little corners of peace in a demanding and frustrating world.”—Lori L. Lake, author of lesbian fiction and freelance reviewer for the Midwest Book Review


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