Meeting the Challenges of the Creative Life

When you decide to live a creative life, you add multiple challenges to an already full plate of challenges that come with living. These additional challenges include existential despair and the worry that your efforts don’t count for enough or matter, additional anxieties that inevitably accompany the creative process, financial realities and the specter of meaningless day jobs or taxing second careers, a heightened risk for addiction, the enduring struggle to retain your individuality in the face of cultural constraints and marketplace demands, and more. Dr. Maisel’s many books and services can help you!

Embracing the Realities of the Creative Process

Creating entails breaking through everyday resistance, dissolving creative blocks, acquiring deep permission to make messes, tolerating the reality of creative projects that turn out merely ordinary or worse, overcoming issues of self-censorship and low self-esteem, embracing and dealing with the anxiety associated with the creative process, and more. Dr. Maisel’s books, workshops, individual coaching, and creativity coaching trainings can help!

Books to Accompany Your Journey

Dr. Maisel has written more than a score of books to help you meet the challenges of the creative life and the rigors of the creative process. These include Fearless Creating, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Affirmations for Artists, The Creativity Book, Creativity for Life, Creative Recovery, 60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive and the Creative, Making Your Creative Mark, Performance Anxiety, A Writer’s Space, and many more.

He has also explored how creativity coaching can help creatives in books like Coaching the Artist Within, Secrets of a Creativity Coach, and the forthcoming Unleashing the Artist Within (Dover, 2019). Dover is also in the process of reprinting several of Dr. Maisel’s classics, with The Magic of Sleep Thinking and Ten Zen Seconds having already appeared and A Writer’s Paris and A Writer’s San Francisco slated to appear. Please enjoy these many helpful books!

Creativity Coaching Trainings

Dr. Maisel has been training creativity coaches for the past fifteen years. These trainings teach you how to coach creatives, they prepare you to work independently as a creativity coach, and they provide essential self-coaching strategies and tactics that will help you create more regularly and better meet the challenges of the creative life.

New 16-week online trainings led personally by Dr. Maisel begin every February, June and September. Both an introduction to creativity coaching training and an advanced creativity coaching training are available and the two trainings can be taken simultaneously. These trainings fit every schedule and you can participate in them wherever you happen to be in the world. Come experience one or both of these much-loved trainings!

Great Coaching Career & Healing Trauma Class

21 Day to Healing TraumaThe consequences of childhood trauma, adolescent trauma, adult trauma, and ongoing trauma severely interfere with your ability to manifest your creative potential or successfully live the creative life. Our low-cost 21 Days to Healing Trauma class can help!


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