Coaching the Artist Within

“Maisel, well known in self-help and creativity aids circles, brings to this resource for writers, actors, visual artists, and musicians–as well as your average Joe or Jane–a lifetime of experience. The author of Fearless Creating (1995) and Affirmations for Artists (1996), this advisor to rockers and screenwriters organizes his latest title into 12 skill areas. Early chapters deal with “Becoming a Self-Coach” and “Making Meaning.” Later ones focus on generating energy (even in the midst of day-to-day demands), centering, managing anxiety, perfecting creativity planning, and maintaining a creative life. These “skill lessons” help would-be artists stifle negative thoughts and develop and use scheduling skills for starting and completing creative projects. Each lesson features as examples artists of diverse disciplines, such as a dancer, singer, poet, and painter, and provides exercises designed by the author to help readers incorporate his methods into everyday reality. To succeed in the arts, commitment must lead to effective, concrete action. Maisel shows the way to both.” — Booklist

“I’ve read almost a dozen books by Eric Maisel about writing, the arts, and the psychology of creativity, and though it seems impossible, each new book is better than the last. Maisel’s latest, COACHING THE ARTIST WITHIN, is no exception. Drawing on his experience as a psychotherapist, author, and creativity coach, Maisel has developed a book that creative people from all realms can use.

“From the first examples in the Introduction through the twelve chapters of advice and information, anyone practicing an art will find solid help and inspiration. Chapters on self-coaching, creating while in the middle of things, dealing with anxiety, achieving balance and centeredness, and maintaining a creative life are particularly excellent. Maisel also provides the reader with 22 exercises, all of which provide food for thought and could easily jumpstart authors or artists who are blocked or at a crossroads with their work.

“Inspiring, challenging, and entertaining, the book is compulsively easy to read and jam-packed full of the kind of teaching and coaching that every creative person needs. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Maisel includes an Appendix for anyone interested in becoming a Creativity Coach. At the end he also lists a Resource section of all of his own writings that support the teachings within this book. Taken all together, this volume is a wonderful addition to the library of anyone interested in furthering their creativity” –Lori L. Lake, reviewer for The Independent Gay Writer and Midwest Book Review

“Eric Maisel’s newest is a gem. I read it all at one sitting – I couldn’t put it down. I don’t consider myself ‘blocked’ as a writer, but I learned how to be even more open creatively through his techniques and stories. It was so encouraging to find out how many other people shy away from their own potential, and that by acknowledging what we are doing we can overcome our own blind spots. Maisel teaches us to coach ourselves through the blocks to greater success.” — Jan B. King, founder and editorial director, eWomenPublishingNetwork

“Have you ever been stuck in a time when you couldn’t create anything? Or when what you were doing just wasn’t what you felt you were capable of? It happens to everyone who is a creative, from artist to musician. Artists who are suffering from that dreaded white paper fear, can find the answers to the questions of how to get past creative blocks in this very informative and entertaining book.

“I had more than one ‘aha’ moment while reading this book. I came face to face with my biggest creativity gremlins and found the tools to work through them and eradicate them. I still struggle with my biggest one though. I just have a hard time getting the flow going and keeping it going. But now, with the kind words of the author in my head, I don’t beat myself up nearly as badly when I haven’t accomplished my daily, weekly or monthly goals. In the end, this book teaches us to be more self-aware and along the way, we also learn how to be our own mentors and artistic best friends.” — W. Lyon Martin author/illustrator An Ordinary Girl, A Magical Child


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