Affirmations For Artists

“Maisel suggests unique answers to the questions we face. I love this book and share it here at the outset of the year for artists and those who would be.” – Flagstaff Live!

“I’m so glad the cover design of Affirmations for Artists caught my eye. None of the other self-help books about creativity every made much sense to me. But your book is different. I cried with a sense of relief and joy that I had finally found a book that’s written for artists in a way that’s understandable, applicable, and nurturing.” – D. T., Langhorne, Pennsylvania

“This is the first letter I have ever written to an author, although I have had books that I have read over and over. Because I am impressed with your grasp of the issues of an artist, I want to say thank you. I would love to have you for a therapist but since that is not possible, I will continue to use the affirmations each day as part of my morning ritual. Again, thank you for Affirmations for Artists.” — B. W., Portland, Oregon

“It was a big joy buying and reading your book Affirmations for Artists. Most of the time I feel like a big accident in this world—I don’t know how and what to do with my talent for art. You seem like the man who can give me tips on that. Thanks again!” – N. B., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I use your book Affirmations for Artists as a daily meditation. So much of the readings hit home. It’s such a relief to see one’s own feelings put into words by someone else—then you know you are not alone. My hat is off to you for having gathered so much valuable information into one small book. I am now ready to go back to the beginning and start it again—and this time will be like the first time, full of new insight.” – M. A., Thibodaux, Louisiana


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