My popular book Why Smart People Hurt, which appeared about a decade ago, will appear in about a month in a new edition, which will include updating on the new, pressing challenges that smart, sensitive creatives face. I look forward to announcing that new edition when it appears!

PRAISE for Why Smart People Hurt

“What a master psychotherapist and creativity maven Eric Maisel is. Not only a fluid and marvelously concise yet witty writer, he brings such insights into the dark world of people burdened with ‘smartness’ who cannot keep their minds from working. There are so many chapters that were so germane to my life and work that I felt he had been inside my overactive brain to listen to the ‘monkey mind’ that inhabits it. This book and all his others dealing with this broad field are like a refreshing shower of understanding and knowledge. It’s good to know that one is not alone, and that there are ways to bring meaning into life, however dire it may look at times. Thank you, Eric!”—Harbin Creative five-star Amazon reviews


“If you’re so smart, why are you in so much pain? Dr. Maisel gets to the root of the special mental challenges of bright people, provides a new system for deriving meaning and joy from life, and helps you conquer the special challenges of being smart with compassionate and invaluable advice! This book will make a smart person even smarter!”?Dr. Katharine Brooks, You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career


“I just have to write to tell you how grateful I am to you for what you are giving to people and the world. Because of your writings, I think there might be some hope for me to eventually get clear of a lot of pain I’ve been in for a long time. Thank you so much! You have a gift. Much wisdom. Readable writing skills. I’m sure much more. Thank you for your courage and love to share it!”—Lianne, in an email to the author


“You don’t have to be smart to benefit from (and LOVE) this book! Each chapter explains in simple, often humorous words why people feel unhappy or uncomfortable with their lives or each other. Eric Maisel SEES us. He understands why humans are the way we are, and he has a gentle and compassionate way of explaining us to ourselves, and giving us easy tips for making life easier and happier. I’ve bought copies for my young adult friends. This is like a guidebook for navigating adulthood! What a joy.”—Lynne Spreen, five-star Amazon review


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