When a painter isn’t painting, he or she is very unlikely to identify the culprit as anxiety. But nine times out of ten it is!

In this information-packed webinar, Mastering Creative Anxiety, get a clear understanding of the challenging nature of anxiety as it applies to creative and performing artists. Learn the reasons for this crippling anxiety—and what you can do to deal with it!

You’ll learn:

+ How anxiety manifests itself as confusion, unproductive obsessions, phobic reactions, perfectionism, and more.

+ How to identify the twenty top sources of creative anxiety, among them existential doubts, self-censorship, and a fear of the unknown.

+ What you can do if you can identify the source of your anxiety and what you can do even if you can’t pinpoint the source.

+ How to employ a simple six-step model of anxiety management that will help you create no matter what.

In this 90-minute webinar taught by America’s foremost creativity coach, you’ll learn an array of techniques to help you reduce your experience of creative anxiety, among them:

  • Cognitive techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Visualizations
  • Somatic techniques
  • Discharge techniques
  • Reorienting techniques
  • And much more!

Anxiety is the great silencer. Don’t let it silence you. Learn what you can do right now!

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