Are you curious about what really goes on in a coaching session? How effortless, effective coaching works? Do you perhaps want to become a coach yourself, to supplement your income or because it intrigues you? Here are two routes:

I invite you to take my Mastering the Coaching Session training that begins November 28. Here are what folks had to say about a recent training:

“I just completed Eric Maisel’s Mastering the Coaching Session training. I am so appreciative of Eric’s work and what he shares about not only how to coach others but how to coach myself and deal with the inevitable inner issues that come up as I work with clients. Though I have been coaching for over 15 years, this class helped me to review and improve how I do every aspect of the work. This is deeply meaningful work to me and Eric understands this. He encourages and supports coaches to work with clients on concrete issues and on the challenging life issues of who we are, what we believe, and how this impacts our lives and creative practice.”—Jacqui Beck

And from Germany:

“I can’t recommend the Mastering the Coaching Session training by Dr. Eric Maisel enough. He painted a picture of coaching that I love so much and I can’t wait to start coaching this way. This training was practical, warm-hearted and invaluable. Thank you so much for this fabulous training!”—Anja Schade


“Wow! I will be dining off of this training for the rest of time!”—Fi Gregory

Come join me! It starts soon!

And you might also like to preorder The Coach’s Way, which I know you will thoroughly enjoy. It’ll be available before you know it! Pre-order it now so that you don’t forget <smile>.



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