Come take a look at what Brian Johnson does. He’s set up a special page just for my friends. Come take a look!

Brian is an interesting fellow. For one thing, he has summarized more than 600 books in his inimitable way, making it easy for us to grasp some of the biggest ideas in a user-friendly way. Among those 600 books are three of mine, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Rethinking Depression, and The Creativity Book. Come take a look at how he turns books into digestible Philosopher’s Notes!

That’s one part of his universe, creating philosopher’s notes. A second part is running Optimize, which helps you—through videos, mini-classes, cheerleading, and all sorts of offerings and activities, including social support—do that thing we’ve all been promoting for decades now, manifest your potential and become your best version of yourself. Optimize used to cost $100 a year, which was a bargain. But just recently Brian made it free. You really should belong. It’s free and valuable.

A third part is Brian’s Optimize Coach world, where he and his staff train coaches over a three-hundred-day period in a rigorous, interesting program that people love and that is amazingly cost-effective. If you’ve ever looked into coaching programs, you know what a deal the following is. His program used to cost $1000, which was an excellent buy. But now it costs exactly $300 for the whole Optimize Coach program.

If you are already a coach looking for more training, if you are a creative or performing artist looking to add a revenue stream (and improve your life), if you are a therapist looking to add coaching, or if you’ve ever entertained the notion of coaching, please come take a look at Brian’s program. The next round starts January 3, so please hurry!

Brian has set up a special page just for my friends. Please come take a look. I think you’ll like what you see.




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