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The Great Creativity Toolkit is now available! It’s got more than 50 video lessons from creativity coaches worldwide, perfect for every creative person!

What does it take to live a creative life? What will help you become the writer, painter, singer/songwriter, actor, animator, graphic designer, dancer, or filmmaker of your dreams? What are the challenges? And what are the solutions? My new program, made up of more than 50 video lessons from creativity coaches worldwide, has the answers.

There’s never been a program quite like this one. Come check out The Great Creativity Toolkit! It’s low cost, quite amazing, and really worth a look.

Creativity coaches work with creative and performing artists every day of the week. They provide guidance and support and help creatives set goals, stay organized, and stay motivated. They are “in it” with their creative clients. Now, for the first time, you can meet more than 40 creativity coaches from around the world and learn from them. See them, hear them, and get to know them. The Great Creativity Toolkit is a brand-new program that will really help you live your best creative life possible. Come check it out!

It takes a lot to live your dream of succeeding as a writer, painter, craftsperson, filmmaker, or other creative person. There’s no magic bullet or single piece of advice that’s going to make that dream come true. But there’s a ton of great information in The Great Creativity Toolkit. I’ve gathered together more than 40 of the world’s top creativity coaches and asked them, “What one lesson do you want to share with creatives?” And they shared!

What you get in The Great Creativity Toolkit is the best of the best—top creativity coaches providing their top lessons for creatives! This really isn’t to be missed. Check it out here!

You’ll also learn about free and reduced-fee creativity coaching sessions and about affiliate opportunities. Get your unique link, mention The Great Creativity Toolkit, and make $80 every time someone buys it using your link. Wouldn’t some free money help your art career ? To learn about this affiliate opportunity, please drop my webmaster Ron Wheatley an email to ron@ronwheatley.ca and he’ll provide the details.

Come take a look at The Great Creativity Toolkit. I think you’ll like what you see!

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